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7 Things You Have To Keep In Mind Before Saying Yes For The Arranged Marriage

Date: 2018-08-12 18:24:07

By Mansha

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Arranged marriage has been in our society for ages and it's known to be as the most famous way to find a suitable match for people where families decide whom to meet and where and how. But all this process is not easy, before saying yes; you have to keep some things in your mind...

It won't be easy:

It can be hell tensed and difficult to handle. All those pressure of meeting and see if it's according to your requirements can be so harmful for your mind. Every second-day new photo will give you thoughts as if this will eat you from inside and desperation will hit you for just getting over with this, as soon as possible.


Meetings can be bad and good:

Meetings are more stressful, sometimes it can be way harder to sit with someone because you both couldn't connect in a minute or sometimes you are just too tired to go with the process again.


There can be unrealistic expectations:

Sometimes expectations are so high from both the sides that you find it difficult to cope up with that. They expect you to smile all the time or to make good and positive conversations all the time but all the nervousness just takes that away.


Pressure can be high:

Sometimes when families get clicked and you both need some time to think or just not sure. Families try to make it work; they will pressure you to meet him or her again. On their part, they try to do good for you but they didn't realize how much pressure is on you to make them all happy.


Love takes time to enter:

In an arranged marriage, commitments happen first, love comes later. You have to be very patient about the whole process. It's not like movies, that people met through the families and they fall in love. In reality, it takes time to understand each other and to build that strong base.


It's beneficial for the couple not to hide your past:

In an arranged marriage, a foundation is totally built on trust and understanding. It's best for both the sides to totally open up their past in front of each other, so later it can't affect their relationship. So, it's very important in an arranged marriage set up that you keep this thing in your mind that the past is not past.


Say yes, only when you are satisfied:

An arranged marriage can be stressful and pressure can be involved. So, it is very important for the people involved in this to take a decision on the basis of how well you know the other person. Always keep in your mind that families don't have to live but you two have to, so end decision would be truly yours.


Arranged marriages can be stressful but once it is successful, it can be the most beautiful experience of your life. The process is difficult to go through but its end result is always a fairy tale ending. When two people meet each other because they were destined to, isn't that beautiful? But before saying yes for the arranged marriage always be prepared for every good or worst thing that can come your way because we all know, finding that right person is not easy.

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