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How It Feels When Your Ex-Gets Married

Date: 2018-08-09 15:52:28

By Mansha

Your best friend broke the news to you that your ex is getting married? And you suddenly realized why you guys broke up and everything is normal for you. No, that's not the case.


In reality, everything seems to be colorless for a minute, you can't figure out what just happened and you need a minute to sink in that. Suddenly a feeling of loneliness strikes, the sudden urge to cry and scream at the world as if someone has snatched a part of you from yourself. At that very moment, it doesn't matter why you guys broke up or on what terms and how it wasn't making you satisfied enough in a relationship. Flashbacks start appearing like how happy you guys were when you were together and you could have tried harder to work it out.



Hearing that your ex is getting married makes you jealous, which is totally normal. You feel bad for yourself and how easily he has moved on and you still trying to keeping your all shit together and suddenly feelings turned into this massive anger. You feel like to just punch him and say I DON'T DESERVE THIS. You start going out with friends, your friends try to cheer you up with their lame and meaningless jokes and eventually you come out of this. You decide to pay more attention to your own life and your family and your career. But then after some months, your ex would love to invite you to his wedding and he sends a good wedding card to you. That very moment, mixed feelings between laughing and crying come up. With whom you spent your romantic days and nights and promised each other a lifelong journey, now he is committed to someone else. It breaks you from inside. Tears become your best friend in nights, imagining him with her, brings this void feeling within you. You can't focus on anything any longer, socializing life sucks, and friends are irritated because of your silly reactions.


A day comes when you have to go his wedding because of basic courtesy that if someone invites you on their wedding, you should go with a smile and a nice gift to bless them with a long life of togetherness and happiness. You try to enter with a warm smile and relaxed look but people who knew that you two were together and in much love, they gave you this killer looks as if you have done a sin by coming here. His mom is suddenly extra sweet with you and his sisters are trying their best to ignore you. You try to catch up with your friends as soon as possible so that you can be far away from those pity eyes. And also your friends too will treat you so awkwardly, that you just want to run away from there.


Then, the moment will arrive when you have to go up there and congratulate them with a warm smile and that's the most awkward moment of the whole scenario. Facing them and acting as if how happy you are for him and how happy you are in your life, that SUCKS in a true manner.


Overall, it's funny, memorable and shit awkward. But eventually, you will pass that and tears will last only for two or three months but it will give you a reason for you and your friends to laugh all your lives. Even after years, when you will be sitting with friends and discussing who had made the worst decisions of their lives, you will laugh totally your heart out.

It is sad to see that one person with someone else but also teaches you that relationships are not jokes, they need space and a strong base and that's hard to develop. It's all destinies. Someone will stay in our lives if it's meant to be and if not then no power can unite you.

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