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Why Are Indians Discriminating Against NorthEastern Indians During The Lockdown. FYI, They Are INDIANS.

Date: 2020-04-02 17:36:18

By Manveen

First of all, what for? On what basis? Read the heading again, it says "North-East Indians", the third word used here is "Indians", and Indian such as yourself. Have you been following up with the news? Do you know how COVID-19 start and other facts?

northeastern indian

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No worries, we will brush a summary of it to you now. So COVID-19's first case was diagnosed in December 2019 in China. At first, the Chinese government underestimated the brevity of the virus. They even hid information from the world. It was in January when the situation went out of their hands, that they acknowledged the deadly potential of the virus. They murdered their countrymen, slaughtered their cattle and took other insane measures (not surprised, China is an insensitive land). It started in Wuhan in China and due to global interdependence and traveling, it reached Europe, other parts of Asia, America, Africa and Australia as well. Thus, it began a deadly curve of 2020.

All clear?

It started in China, the Chinese government hid the information. The virus is not bred in India. It was bred in China, whence no Indian is at fault. It reached via foreign tourists and Indian citizens traveling abroad. To cut the long chase short, no Indian is at fault. NO INDIAN, we repeat. Now if you break the word "North-East-Indian", you will realize they are Indians as well. Henceforth, they are not at fault either. They have Mongloid features, they are not Chinese.

northeastern indian

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You have to be an utter illiterate to not know the difference between the two. Mongloid is an ethnic race, they are found in North East India, Nepal, China, Bhutan, Thailand, Japan, Korea, etc. THEY ARE NOT ALL THE SAME! These are all different countries.

If you look at people from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, you would not be able to tell them apart either but are we all really the same? No, right?

northeastern indian

People from Northeast India have often suffered in their homeland for having different facial features. If you think more on the topic you will realize that no Indian citizen is actually happy in India. There is a bridge between South Indians and North Indians, South Indians quarrel among each other for supremacy, Kerela thinks less of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka hates Tamil Nadu for the water crisis of the Cauvery river. In North India, everybody is trying to prove themselves more authentically. You would not give people from Bihar and Jharkhand a chance to grow, Delhi has its own reputation to live up to, Himachal Pradesh & Uttarakhand hate people visiting them so frequently, Sikhs are trolled for their culture, Muslims are facing Islamophobia, Kashmir lives in a constant state of conflict, Uttar Pradesh is suffering crime rate, Bengalis are mocked for their language, who in this country is happy? Is there acceptance for anybody or are we all just existing to constantly be mocked at and hated for something we have no say in at all?

Is all of this not absolutely mental to live with?

northeastern indian

The virus is coming for everybody. It does not discriminate. People of North East India are harassed for eating dog meat and such. First of all, dog meat is sold in China and not in India. Even if some INDIANS prefer to eat dog meat, what is your problem? Are you not consuming chicken? Mutton? Lamb? Fish? If it is okay for you to consume one animal, why is it incorrect for another group to prefer to eat their choice of animal? Either make the entire country vegetarian or stop this biased. Northeast Indians are Indians and if you think making fun of them is okay, first go tear all your degrees and legal qualification of education. You have already failed your purpose in life.

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