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11 Reasons Why December Is The Best Month Of The Year

Date: 2018-12-24 12:26:28

By TabloidXO Writers

December is probably the coldest month of the year. There are a lot of attractions about Christmas.Its literally very cool. December vibes carry celebration mood with it. Its hard to believe that 2018 is ending. Everything went so fast. Now we are at its final month. But things aren't boring. Because it's December!! It's also the best month of the year. Have second thoughts about it? Here are some of the valid reasons that make December the best month to cherish.


1. Christmas.

It's celebration mode. Cakes, parties and all the excitement of Christmas makes December the best. It's one of the finest holidays. For kids, it's just after their exam and that guarantees fun.



2. Cold and no more sunburn.

This grants huge relaxation. No more getting tanned. No awkward sweating. What a relief! December is definitely scoring.


3. Vacations!!

Its the time when little birds fly back to their nests. There is no greater joy in the world. Our roots define who we are. It can also mean more travel and fun. Use your vacation wisely. December won't last forever.


4. It means comfort as we are finally finishing up the work of an year. Some endings are beautiful. It might be short, but it's definitely a much anticipated break. It's the time of the year to enjoy fully and make wishes.


5. Winter sale is on.

Shopping is really exciting and economic. Websites are flooded with offers during this time. Also some cool designs are available too. It's high fashion time. You don't want to miss them out, do you?


6. December means gifts too.

It's a month of surprises. Who hates to get gifts. It also implies that there are people who really care for us. Some gifts are really useful. It's love.


7. Its too cozy. Best time to sleep. We seek earth in our blankets. We no longer needs the help of fans and A/Cs.


8. Hot drinks and food items will certainly become your favourite. Recipes flourish during December. Many varieties of food items are made. Go to hotels, and you will find that everything has got a special touch. December works wonders.


9. It's the time when families come together.

Friends are family too. As it is Christmas, most of us are home. Get-togethers happen a lot in December. We get to see how much we have changed during these gatherings. We also get to discover some of our traits, which we might have thought, was lost, during such special times.


10. We tend to get ready for a brand new year. Yes. It's too exciting for words. 2019 is coming folks. It needs to be a great ride. You have this December to prepare. Get. Set. Go.


11. Some days off from maintaining shape

You workout the rest 11 months and then december comes to the rescue... and how? Because no one can see your tummy as it's already hidden in those fluffy jackets and hoodies.


So, these reasons make December a bit too special. We all deserve the coziness of December at the end of the year. Hope you now know why December is the best month of the year. Winter has already arrived!!

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