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Ever Wondered Why Do Dogs Run After Certain Vehicles?

Date: 2018-07-21 15:57:29

By Abhishek

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We know, dogs are our best buddies in the world, but maybe there is one thing which we might not know about them.

Why do dogs run after the vehicles?

We all must have seen them chasing our vehicles or witnessed them chasing another vehicle. Did you ever question yourself or anyone, why dogs do so? NO... right?

But today you will get your answer, and you will be surprised to know the fascinating reason behind their irrational behavior.

1. Dogs nature is very curious and when they see a vehicle moving near them, their inherent tendency urge them to run beside the vehicles, they just do it out of excitement. Another reason can also be; They might have a bad experience with the drivers, Either the dog has seen another dog getting hit by a vehicle Or, the dog has been hit by a vehicle.

2. They have marked their territory: it might sound you fishy but this reason is legit.
Maybe you might have noticed, the dogs generally urinate at the same vehicle every time because they have marked that vehicle/trees as their territory, and what is more amusing is, the other dogs also urinate at that same spot to rename that spot as its own territory, so this fight generally happens n number of times. By this story, you have got the clue, like how specific they are when it comes to the spot.

So, Coming back to the reason, when they see a new vehicle approaching them, which does not belong to their territory (they can smell the car), this makes them impatient as they can't accept any other dog coming into their territory. Because for them new car means a new dog has arrived in their territory.

3. That loud noise:

Dogs hate loud noise(Dogs have better hearing than humans because they can hear the high-frequency sounds). When they see a moving vehicle making ear-splitting noise, they tend to get scared and this fear pushes them to chase and bark at the vehicle.

4. This reason is more impressive and funny at the same time, the manoeuvre of the tyre attracts dogs a lot and that is why they think it's play time, so they try to run after them. Chasing a car for them is like playing with a ball or any other toy. When the car stops, there's nothing really to chase anymore and nothing really to play with.

5. Ok this is out of the box reason, this might be or might not be true, But, maybe the dog care humans so they do not want you to over speed the car, so they bark and chase you, to which you will slow down your vehicle.

Now, you know some lil more secrets about your lovely friend.

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