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Why Our Generation Is Scared Of Getting Married

Date: 2018-09-12 12:45:48

By Mansha

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Marriage is a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs. It's normal to get cold feet before taking such steps, which brings drastic changes into your life, changes that are good and bad but many youngsters feel scared or panicky. At one point where they feel excited about getting the partner, on the other side, they feel scared of all the baggage that comes with love and marriage. Here are some of the reasons why our generation is scared of the word marriage.

Extra responsibilities that marriage brings:

Before marriage, responsibilities are of our own, we are liable for our own decisions and mistakes but once we get married, responsibilities become bigger like taking care of household chores, kids, spouses and more.



We have to make compromises of our own wishes and dreams. Priorities changes with time that affect our own wishes. Compromises are a choice when we choose while loving someone above everything.


Too many expectations:

Every family expects a perfect bahu for them who take care of them, their house, their surroundings and their kids, which can be nerve-racking and exhausting sometimes.


Career takes a back seat:

Because of all the new wedded responsibilities, career takes a back seat in your life. Taking care of new things and settling yourself with the new surroundings you forget to give some time to your own goals and desires.


Somehow you lose your freedom:

You won't be able to go out with your friends like before, after getting married you have to take permissions from various house members and you have to take time from your busy schedules from your family dinners, birthdays and what not. Or you won't be able to travel all around the world alone or with your friends without any stress or problems.


Adjusting is the problem:

We are so prone of living in our own small bubble of joy and giving not a damn about anything that we have to forget adjusting ourselves according to others and when someone tells us to do something that we don't want to do we feel controlled.


Scared of whole the process:

Especially in the case of arranged marriages, people get scared of all the rejections and meeting new people about they know nothing.


People think their lives will be stuck on one platform:

They are scared of the same routine that they would have to go through every day. There would be no excitement of meeting new people and spending time with them without any distraction.


No more daddy's' little girl:

This is for girls; we can't live without pampering, which we get from our father, brothers or from the whole family. We get scared of the feeling of going far from them and never able to spend the time, which we have in the current situations, every day.


Past experiences:

Sometimes, past relationships left a major impact on you of infidelity or major problems, which brings instability in our lives. Because of all this, people get scared of future commitments.


Marriage is a bond of a lifetime, which you try to not get it, expired and that bond should be made from the consent of both the parties and according to their interest levels. It should not be made according to any third party because in the future that two people have to stay together. So people, get married when you feel that you are ready and because of any type of peer pressure.

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