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Why Is It Difficult To Be A Daughter In India

Date: 2019-02-18 21:04:28

By Mansha

"Ladka-Ladki ek saaman" we all must have listened to this numerous times by our political leaders and influencers but right now, leave everything aside for a minute and think, are we really on this? Are we really giving the same importance to both the genders equally? Have we started trusting our daughters in their dreams? Or have we told them even once that, we believe in your dreams, maybe very few times because a large population of India still believe that having a son is like having treasure or "Mukti from any kind of burden".



Living as a girl in India is like being objectified at every minute of our lives, regarding what we are wearing? What we are doing with our lives and if we are bringing any kind of disgrace to our families? Because for ages our existence is only for living at terms of our society, at times we feel as if our aim behind coming to this world is to make our society happy and proud of us irrespective of what we expect from our life.


If you are a parent yourself to a girl and a boy then you would totally get what I am about to write next. When your son goes out to party till late, what your reaction is, normally, maybe, "son be on time and be safe" and when your daughter asks for the same permission what you tell, "achi ghar ki ladhiyan raat ko bahar nahi nikalti". Why our society like to give labels to genders about what girls can do and what not. Okay, this is still a minor issue, now coming to her wishes or dreams, parents, have you ever questioned your son about investing his big amount of money on some new business? No you have never, you always send him with curd in his mouth and wishing him all the wealth in his life even though deep inside you have this big doubt about if he will give you that amount of money back or not, but when it comes to your daughters, parents always told her to play safe and be two hundred percent sure about the return because "apni naak nahi katwani".

Now tell us, parents, if you can show your trust on your sons about everything then why not to your daughters? It hurts when we try to make you proud but, you stop us from doing, thinking that we might fail.


We tend to get scared in every second of our lives regarding our safety. We are safe nowhere, people see us as a commodity which they want to buy it instead of fighting for it. Their eyes make us feel sick about being a girl and sometimes about being this beautiful too. They say, India is a land of the goddess, but why people are still disrespecting the living goddesses? And sometimes for keeping us safe too, some respectable and good men keep an eye on us because they want us to be free from any harm but we don't want to be watched, we want every eye of every man to be far-far away from us.


When we go for a vacation in abroad, we see ladies over there happy even in their singlehood and being forty years old and here, our lives sum up into one question, "when we are getting married"? Marriage is not a race, it is a commitment which we would love to give to someone with whom we would connect instantly, we don't want to feel pressurized about our age and still being unmarried and now as an adult it seems all clear about why our society is like this because from the starting we have taught every girl child that "ghodi pe ek rajkumar aayega aur tumhe le jayega". We have built this thought in our kids that without prince charming life is meaningless and useless.

We have to change the way of bringing up our daughters, we need to tell them that it's their life and they have full authority to take their decisions. Being a girl in India is not that easy, it takes encouragement and sometimes tears too to find our way to our dreams.


I am a proud daughter of a fantastic country, but still, I want some things to change and now, it's the time. Make your daughters feel loved and important because if there would be no daughters, then there would be no "Mother India".

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