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Why Love Marriages Facing More Divorces Than Arranged Marriages?

Date: 2018-07-26 17:17:10

By Mansha

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Arranged marriages are the most famous and important part of India's culture. The maximum number of marriages in India is arranged. Arranged marriage is a set up which is done by both the families itself or by any third party, say agents or extended family.


As per Bombay high court hearing in 2012, divorces are very high in love marriages as compared to the arranged marriages.

Love marriages V/S arranged marriages:

Arranged marriages bring people together on the basis of their common culture, living style, same mental level and same beliefs that help them to create a strong base for their relationship.
"Similar beliefs and habits help couples to grow stronger in future and understanding level are high".
Whereas in love marriages, physical attraction plays the most important aspect, they don't pay attention to developing the strong base, they are more concerned about looks and on dates.


Arranged marriages are mostly done in between the caste, which helps both the families and couple to understand each other better. They connect with each other better. On the other side, love marriages mostly happen between different caste and culture, which develops more problems in the future. Adjusting to new family and customs are difficult and that arises the main problems between the couple and the families.

In love marriages, marriages are done in more hurry than arranged marriages. They feel everything is a fairytale, they don't realize what marriage brings along with love, it brings more responsibility and values, which couples finds unrealistic sometimes and that is the starting of problems. Whereas in arranged marriages, marriages are done in more mature age, they know that marriage isn't only about love, it's more than that; it's a sacred tie.


When we are in an arranged set up, we don't have that much expectation from our partner because we don't know them yet; we don't know what they are thinking or how they want things to be. Whereas, in love marriages, expectations are always high because they have known each other from the starting and those expectations can kill your relationship.

If expectations are low, then they are the higher chances to build that relationship on trust because you both will trust each other on decisions and in love marriages, you always want decisions to be mutual and they can never be. Everyone has their own opinions and it's important to understand them and respect them.


Marriage is a long life commitment and it is very important to build that relationship out of trust, care, lust, understanding, and loyalty. If there is any one point missing from the above points, then it is very difficult to run that relationship. Be it arranged or love, both needs time and space because every relationship has its own pace. Marriages cannot be built only on love, yes love is one of the most important parts but more than that you need to know how to balance your life between two families, cultures and beliefs. Thus, Because of less maturity and taking decisions from the heart apart from the mind, love marriages having more divorces as compared to the arranged marriages.

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