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Why Don't Men Get Over With Relationships As Fast As Women?

Date: 2018-10-22 12:10:23

By Mansha

Let's start with the small love story:

A guy met a girl, started going on lunch dates, movie dates and slowly they developed feeling towards each other, then he asked her out and she said yes. Everything was just perfect like a fairytale, love was in the air, life was full of surprises and then suddenly, the guy turns up and says, I just realized it's not working out, let's just be friends and relationship comes to an end. Girl tries her best to set everything again on the track, she cries, she begs but nothing happens and then the girl decides to leave him for life. Here, after she was gone he realized how much he was dependent on her and how void his life is in the current situation.


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So, what really happened here?

After several tries, crying and begging, she decided to move on in her life, she cried for weeks but then she understood nothing can be done and she has to accept the fact that everything is over. Because girls are strong headed, if they decide something, they will live up to that no matter what others say or do.

And guy here tries to hide his feelings by doing parties or working extra hours, he tries everything but still, he finds hard to control his feelings. Why? Because guys have a habit of looking back, they are indecisive, they don't know what exactly they want from life, they are always confused, if they say "I love you", that too has several meanings, they can't stand on their decisions, they are always dependent on their partners, say girlfriend, wife or mother. They always need that emotional support contrary to popular beliefs.


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Whereas girls don't look back, they know what they are doing and what they want from their lives. How they want their relationships to be like? Either its husband-wife or girlfriend-boyfriend. If they love somebody, they will give their whole, they don't have any commitment issues.

Guys are not strong headed, they know it too, they are emotional creatures, from outside they are as strong as a rock but from inside they are as soft as a thread, just one pull and they will break. They always find comfort in others whereas girls, they are self-efficient, they are strong enough to live their life on their own terms.



Here, I am not talking about how weak guys are, NO, I am just trying to say, they too have hearts and its okay if they break because that's the sign how much they loved that one person. When you are in a relationship, there are two people involved and mistakes are from both sides, you can't just blame one. Its just that girls are strong enough to move on and if they give up, they give up completely, on the other hand, guys have a habit of look back and revise their mistakes and that breaks them down and because of that, they take much longer time to get over with the relationship.



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