Scary thoughts you have when your phone is in your parents' hand.

Date: 2019-07-23 11:46:55

By TabloidXO

You start by playing with your fingers anxiously, trying not to bite on your nails stupidly, you steal glances without trying to be all too obvious, you tug at your hair and start pulling at the sleeves of your sweater.


This is becoming unbearable with every second passing because your palms are going sweaty as you rub them against your jeans one more time. Your obvious attempt to keep your cool is failing, that too very evidently and you start biting at your lips out of nervousness; to sum up you can practically hear your heart thudding so loudly because of which you were caught sneaking a glance on your parents and now you look at your feet to actively avoid contact with them.


It is all too much!

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No, this is not you trying to talk to your crush. This is you waiting for your mom to finish her talk with your aunt OVER YOUR PHONE!


You take another deep breath and trying not to get panic. You have watched enough spy movies to know that losing your cool will just blow your cover by making the enemy more suspicious of you.


We can't afford the suspicion of the enemy because it is too risky but what if she reads your chat? Sees the gallery? Sees chrome history? No, no. Don't be stupid. The phone has a passcode. After the call, the passcode will be back on. Think rationally.


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Wait, why is Mom giving the phone to Dad? OH MY GOD. DAD. No. Deep breathing. All is well, All is well. Oh, the call is about to over!

WAIT A MINUTE, Notifications!


You don't have your notifications hidden? How stupid can you be? Who leaves their notification unhidden? Why can't you use your brains in the right things? Studies? O#fff##. Ok. Calm down.

It's possible that you won't get any messages right now. How much time has it been-HALF AN HOUR, ok, you probably have a message or two but Who would it be from? Shit, your friend was asking for photos of that hot guy/girl from Instagram and you were about to send it but then the call came. Ok. You are dead. Your dad will read the messages and he will know you were stalking a guy/girl. This is it. You go back to your imaginary world where you are shouting to the gaon walo from the water tank.

"Goodbye, goodbye".



But unlike Veeru, this won't be suicide. 3 Idiots flashback- 'Ye suicide nahi hai, murder hai murder!'


Oh, so your brain functions enough to remember these stupid dialogues but not enough to keep your notifications hidden.

You pray to all gods that come off in your head that "please ek baar bacha lo...pakka agli baar se notification hidden!" Oh, the call disconnected. Here it comes...Dad just kept it aside? Not even a glance? Ok. Ok. Plan time. It will be very weird if you go and get it now, the enemy will know of your cautious behavior and would become suspicious but if you wait, then a notification will probably come and attract your dad's attention.


You need someone to get it. Your younger sibling! Who else! They will just go for a small chat and sneakily bring it back. Yes. Done. Safe.

Now, the first thing you will do is hide the notifications. Phew!

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