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To People Who Judge Me For Repeating Clothes, I Wish There Was A Polite Way To Say 'Shut The Hell Up!'

Date: 2019-08-26 12:10:12

By TabloidXO, Manveen

Before we begin this, we have a question, what are you supposed to do with clothes once you have bought them. The most popular answer is "wear them". If you would actually go and interview designers and mega retailers as well they will also tell you to wear clothes. Everybody and anybody will tell you to wear clothes so who is this unwanted person giving you an idea about where you are supposed to buy clothes, wear them once and make sure that those clothes never see daylight and nightlife ever again in life?

Wait a minute; let me give you celebrities examples first and then you comment on my repeating dress.

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If you want to take Kylie Jenner's name or Bella Hadid's, we think you have a confused notion in your head. In fact, there are two wrong notions in your head, we will go to the first one later and address the second one first. So the thing is, mostly and this mostly goes to mean 90 percent of the time that the clothes they are wearing, the shades that look dapper and the heels that are to die for are sourced for them. Being an influencer is a blessing and these guys know how to milk their fortunes out of mega labels and chains. Say a designer dressed a design and thought, oh, how can I make this piece famous? Maybe if I gift it to Kylie and she will post a selfie in it and thus he gifted that dress to her and Kylie being Kylie wore the dress and uploaded a photo, tagged the designer and the whole world knew Kylie wore a nice dress. Often Kylie also gets paid to wear clothes, take photos in them and she returns those dresses back. If you think Kylie Jenner actually bought her MET dress and that dress is still with her, lol, no! Somebody made it, she wore it and it is back in the store. So when she just wears a dress once it is okay because she is not buying it anyway.


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Now, do you realize one thing? Sometimes getting those expensive things look costly to them aswell, and surprisingly but not surprisingly, they do repeat clothes, it's just that they have to look the best kind because that's how their industry is and they will never let you know about their repeated clothes.

And if you still think I should get 365 clothes for a year, then, I would be happy to get your sponsorship, if you can afford me! Obviously, you can, as you have such a good mouth to comment on me, so I believe you must be open to my proposal.

What say? I can't hear you!

Coming back to the first wrong notion now, you are not Kylie and neither are you Kendall, Gigi or Kim or any of them. You are an adult with responsibilities not just with finances, but to the environment as well. In India, most of our clothes are made out of cotton and do you know the amount of water that goes in growing the cotton crop? The labour and electricity and other valuable resources?



If you buy an item and bury it in your wardrobe not only are you ignorant towards your own budget but towards the environment as well. If anybody thinks that they have no part in climate change or global warming given the scarcity of water, no problem, not your fault. You just wait and we will all simply rot on earth, it's okay!

I am talking so sensible, why can't you try to shut up before puking such comments?

It's not any of our faults anyway, because when all the resources are exhausted, we hope that the schmuck attitude and abundant buried clothes in cupboards might come useful to let you breathe, have food with them because no human will be left and maybe neither you will be left on the earth. Have fun, waste more clothes!

One more thing before I go,
Shut the hell up! Toodles.


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