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Why Society Still Has To Compare People's Skin And Fat Body? Why Society, What Inspires You To Think So Cheap?

Date: 2019-08-31 11:51:41

By Manveen

Evolution and growth is a blessing and a curse both. If you don't grow your mindset, your loss. If you grow and others don't it is also your loss because you have to put up with people with petty mindsets. How can you judge somebody on something that does not even belong to them?



You think your body is yours, but what did you do to get it? For good or for bad, you did not decide your complexion, you did not decide your size, you did not decide your proportions and guess what? Others did not have much say in their either. They were just born and you were just born and all of us have different characteristics, so who came up with the idea of what is right and what is wrong?


Even if they did who validated them? Just imagine centuries ago some retard came up and said dark skin is bad and everybody like a dumb brute nodded, but did they even question him back asking why, why is it bad? How can you prove it is bad?

Did they have enough proof?


Just because you are born in a colder region away from the sun your skin stayed pale and the ones close to the equator have a darker complexion, but excuse me, if you have not noticed then nobody really asks a child before he is born, like hey do you want to spend the rest of your life near the equator or in the north pole?

How can one even adhere to such nonsense!


Imagine if somebody would have come up with the idea of shaming fair skin and all of us would have believed that too. It is just some people's idea and not anything relevant or substantial to even exist in the first place and years later we are still giving something as pointless as skin colour so much importance for no reason at all. Perhaps the world won't be dying if these many people cared about the greening of their planet as they are concerned with the whiteness of others skin and fat of the body!


Go back in time and live in those petty ditches if you think your skin colour is even allowed an opinion or your chubby body needs their so-called judgment. Actually, somebody who thinks the white and slim body is better; they should not be allowed an opinion either. You have no place in the 21st century, go find yourself a new house on Mars, ask Chandrayaan to drop you somewhere the next time!

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