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9 Reasons Why You Need A Friend Who Doesn't Drink

Date: 2018-11-28 18:19:01

By Abhishek

Tu Mera Bhai Hai, Real Bro Hai Tuuuuu!

(Those who don't drink) If you start considering this line so seriously, man, trust me, you will have half of the city as your 'Bhai' who are ready to top your house. And especially, your devoted 'Chadi Buddy Friends', who after two drinks are ready to murder your EX or even you if you hide that Chivas from them.

So, think!! Your house is at risk...

Chill, *JOKING*

To control them (drunk friends) and their ghostly avatar, they need one friend who will act as there savior and save their asses while they are in trouble.
Before getting down deep below, (we) the drinkers want to say to our non-drinker friend, Bhai hai tu mera (you are my bro).

So here are the reasons why we should have a non drinker friend forever and ever:

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1. Well, you never have to share your pints, pegs or pitchers of beer with them because they are happy with their orange juice and you are happy with your chilled babies.


2. Common, we have to admit we love teasing our friends and what can be the best way to tease them when you get 2 + 1 in happy hours and the three drinks are all yours.


3. In your families eyes, that friend is the most innocent and the trustworthy person your parents can rely on. They know if you are with them they do not have to worry about anything.

Uncle, you don't know the truth... You Innocent uncle!


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4. Go down your memory lane where you and friends were partying at your house, at the end when everyone was ready to leave, you were so drunk that accidentally you said: "Bro I am drunk, will you drop to my house".

Go hug your friend who stopped you from exiting your house in search of your own house.


5. After drinks, we don't know how much gallons of alcohol we had, so it's pretty obvious we even do not remember where we parked the car and all thanks to that friend who took care of that steering wheel.


6. After few drinks, you are the next Zakir Khan for your friends and apparently, your emotional side comes in the form of you EX, and before you could dial, they are the ones who stop you from all the anger and prevent you from the upcoming embarrassments.


7. They will take care of your alcohol consumption of not exceeding the limit and in case you did, they are ready with those curds and lemons.


8. They will never let you feel the awkwardness because of what happened last night; instead, they will make you calm, relax and will never ever judge you for the blunder you did.


9. And also, you can do crazy shits with them, even bromance (PDA moments...hmm...can take place!) Because you know TU MERA BHAI HAI.


Bro, Sunday booze is all set, I mean, get ready to tolerate the shit out of me!


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