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Reasons Why You Should Marry A Girl Who Drinks Beer

Date: 2018-08-12 22:28:37

By Abhishek


Dating a girl who loves beer solves all your problems and moreover getting married to her opens the door to heaven, I will tell you how.

1. You don't have to hide anything from her because she would love to be your partner in crime.

Aww... sounds thrilling romance!!


2. One of the basic reason and intelligent one too. You both will never face kidney stone problems and maybe your kids too, after all its all genes.


3. When she feels shy to say I Love You, just grab 2 bottles of her favorite brand, and witness her romantic side.

Beer helps her coyness fade!!


4. Smashing a beer can with bros is awesome and it can be more breathtaking when you get to do with your lady love.


5. You will have a cute bubbly add on to your smashing family of beer friends.

Add-ons in the family are always a happy moment and that too in a beer family, it is phenomenal.


6. You can have a burping competition during your wedding ceremonies.

You both invented a new competition for marriages, guys!!


7. Stuck somewhere??

Girls are best in giving genuine advice to their partner, and if you want the very best advice! Let her have 2 pined bottles; she will tell you out of the box advice, which will definitely help you.


8. Most likely, you don't have to woo her mother because a girl who drinks beer has fewer chances to have a mother like this


Or a father like this:


9. She will never hesitate to share her opinion because she has found that comfort level with you, which is really good for a better understanding between both of you.

Beer is proof that God loves you and wants you to be happy.


10. You both have some common places which you both love it, thus preventing you from having small arguments over which place to go.


Let's raise a toast to your evergreen relationship!!

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