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Why You Should Never Take Relationship Advice From Friends, Family Or Anyone.

Date: 2019-05-20 02:46:29

By Mansha

A relationship happens between two people and when a third person enters into that relationship with its own views, knowledge, and suggestions, that only worsens any situation.

There is no such relationship in the world, where there have been no disagreements and fight, apart from solving those issues with an understanding of our own, we end up taking advice from our friends or family and that is not the best possible solution to solve the problems in your love life because that affects the privacy and if you sit and think with an open mind, you will realize you never receive any valuable suggestions from those people as they were not present in your situation which you both are dealing with as a couple. They are doing well on their behalves, but they would never know the whole story.


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Because nobody remembers the exact words, and the exact tone while fighting, so how can you share something which you have not even remembered correctly? To whomsoever you will share your problem, in most of the cases they will be taking your side because you will be the most closed one than your partner,

so obviously...


And, Many times if you ask for suggestions to the people around without letting your partner know, it may worsen your best of days later when you both would be sitting with that person. Your partner can feel embarrassed or angry about the fact; it was too personal to share. We often say, "sharing problems can minimize the stress" but when that stress is related to your love life, try to keep that personal.


Never involve any third person's suggestions to make things right because your partner knows you from in and outside, he or she knows how you think and what you think, if you speak the words, which are not yours, your partner will notice it easily, which will make things more complicated than before. Your friends or family are your well-wishers but least they know is, their help can do more damage and it is your responsibility to let them know that you need their emotional support more than their words. That will help you more to think and make things better.


Best way to make things all right is to not by involving everyone, instead, talk with your partner, let them speak and be a good listener, let them finish their thoughts and then speak. By putting your side of the story too, you both would understand the depth of your problems. This process can be a little slow but it is the most efficient one than bringing any mediator in between.


You all must have listened to various breakups happening only because another person felt their privacy get disturbed by their best friends or family members, various times, mothers get in between their daughter's married life to support her, but her involvement makes their married life sink in down there deeply or best friends often give advice for behaving in a particular way but that only makes their relationship look fake because they are not being what they are, they are behaving what they want to be. A relationship works when two people can be totally themselves in front of each other and when that real thing is missing; there can never be a happy ending.

We hope it helped you somewhere to notice the mistakes that you are making in your love life because this is the most common mistake every person does.

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