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Dear Dear Winters, I Can't Wait To Meet You, Come Fast!

Date: 2018-11-12 12:33:18

By Manveen

"Coming back from the school, there was an unusual glee in my eyes. It was a Tuesday only and the day ahead of me was planned the same as all other weekdays but there was something special about to happen or has it already happened?
Has Maa emptied all my winter clothing in the cupboards already?"
Why do we call winters a season and not one of the greatest joys in the world?

To prove our point we have eight strong reasons standing out there in our support:

1.) Cuddling your sweaters and the smell of woolens, hand-knitted caps and extra long scarves, dear good god in heaven!



2.) Call us biased but everything feels better, looks better and even tastes better in winters. Winters are the time when you can take all your time to finish an ice candy without worrying about it melting away if it were not for the mangoes we would say we do not summer anyway.


3.) The winter sun soothed your skin so soft that you played an entire afternoon under it as your daadi maa caressed your hair and supplied you with shelled peanuts and jaggery was the bribe you lived the entire for. Such sweet childhood memories, who can compete against that?


4.) You sat there observing with a keen eye and awaited the moment when your sibling would get out of their blankets and you could hail an attack on the already warm territory with nobody guarding it only to tell your returned sibling that they lost their kingdom and thou shall arm another seat.


5.) Fashion being the forever passion. Waiting an entire year to wear layer on layer on layer and not stop till it was uncomfortable to walk with so many of them. The school uniform also upgraded itself in winters, high stocking, and blazers, hello dear ol' friend, we meet again.


6.) The warmth of blankets and the heroine like addiction of quilts. Sleeping becomes an activity we look all day long for and unlike the summers our fate lies in our own hands, that is to say whilst men made AC's but men also cut electricity time to time and that prohibits our fake chills and messes our sleep but in winters, cut all the power you want, we are sorted kids. Oh weather, just get chillier already!


7.) To be able to plan out an outing in an open area without having to worry about the weather or the mosquitoes and oh, bye bye sweat!


8.) Taking out the big guns now, snow and the mountains and you just cannot counter this one. Summer's can have beaches and whatever but nothing beats snow and the joy of green Himachal. Damn winters, How we love you!


Maybe the reason we call out Christmas "Merry" is because it comes in winters (just think about it)
God knows, what has mankind done to deserve winters!
If you know then below in the comments do let us know.

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