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Do You Know Women Like Their Best Friends More Than Their Husband? It's True!

Date: 2018-12-17 16:54:09

By Ritika

Women have their significant others hold a very significant part in their lives but their true soulmates are hands-down their best friends. No matter how many guys or what kind of guys come into their lives, the place of a best friend cannot be taken by anyone else.


Studies also cannot deny this, they've proven that women like their best friends more than their husbands and we cannot agree more on this. No offence, our men! What we used to secretly feel is finally out in the open.

1. Women don't have to filter ANYTHING AT ALL!

She can talk about anything and everything she wants to talk about. That guy she thought was super-hot? Check. How she didn't have a good poop session today? Check. How adult films actually disgust her gut out? Check as well.

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2. They are always there. Period.


Even when a woman and her best friend are having the worst of their fights, they can still trust them to give them a shoulder to cry on or have her back against a guy or that girl they've always hated.

3. They provide better advice, that is what statistics show


According to 28% of the women who were studied, their female counterparts provided better advice than their husbands. Maybe because they feel more connected or they can put themselves in our shoes better? Regardless, a woman could trust her best friend almost blindly when it comes to asking for advice.

4. Women tell more secrets to their best friends than their husbands


On an average, women tell at least two secrets to their best friends that their husbands aren't aware of. This doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing because everything has its own repercussions and results but again, #1.

5. Their company is more enjoyable than that of our husbands for everyday things


If you've ever noticed, women bring their best friends to accompany them to the salon or go birthday shopping or bad mood shopping with them. Maybe because their better at it or maybe because it isn't such an enjoyable affair for their husbands? Either of the two, we don't really know!


For some reason, women feel a bit closer to their best friends than their husbands and that isn't something to be insecure about since they are actually the ones responsible for your woman's peace of mind, guys!

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