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Here Are 14 Ridiculously Funny & At The Same Time, Worst Valentines Day Gifts People Gave

Date: 2019-02-13 11:52:03

By Abhishek

There are lists of things you can gift the one you love. But not everyone is so lucky to receive a gift they love or actually want. Sometimes it is the most hated thing in the world to them. You might be surprised, but this can be a reason for breakups. You know why? Because when you get the wrong gift, that becomes a weapon in case of arguments. Right guys (ladies)?

Here are the top 15 worst gifts people ever received.

1. Tickets to a concert.

This doesn't seem so bad, does it? But it is a terrible gift if the concert is in a whole different country and I have to buy the tickets to go there. My girlfriend bought me tickets to a football match in a different country. I understand, she paid a lot to get me the tickets, but I'll be spending double that to go, stay and return. She was furious I refused to go.


2. A surprise from his parents.

Since it was Valentine's day, I got this really sexy outfit off the internet and dressed up. I decorated his bedroom. I didn't tell him I had a plan. As far as he knew, we were going to have dinner. But he didn't know he would get dessert first. But, my sweet boyfriend surprised me when he opened the door and his parents were standing behind him. I froze for a minute, which gave them enough time to see how little I was wearing until I darted in the bedroom, threw clothes on myself and left.


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3. Pink anything.

My girlfriend of four years sent me a gift at work. We had a long distance relationship. I was excited because I was expecting something, but my excitement didn't last very long. She sent pink headphones that came with an extra gift. A pink photo frame! I had to place it on my desk to show her that I had received the gift. But it was the worst ever.


4. My mother asked me why I received handcuffs.

My boyfriend chose the wrong delivery address when he ordered some kinky stuff. One day I logged in with his ID on the website to make some purchases and I noticed what he had ordered. It was too late to cancel the order because it was already out for delivery and I was at the mall! He had entered my parent's address instead of my apartment and my mother wasn't prepared when she opened the package and pulled out the handcuffs.


5. Surprise card!

One evening my boyfriend and I were strolling around the mall. We went to the mini market. I waited behind him until he was done paying the bill. When we were done and almost out, he passed me a card and kissed my cheek.
"I know how much you love cards", he said. I was smiling so bright, my face hurt until I saw two other couples waving the cards in front of their face. The billing counter was giving away free cards in view of V-Day..


6. Dinner with his Ex.

On the eve of Valentine's day, my friend sent me a screenshot of a snap chat story. It was my boyfriend having a candlelight dinner with his Ex.
I don't know where he is now. He had to go..


7. Dog's birthday on Valentine's Day.

My girlfriend is crazy about her dog. What's crazier is that she celebrates his birthday on V-day. Every year! So, all we focus on when 14th Feb arrives is - IT'S DOLLAR'S BIRTHDAY! She makes me buy him presents.


8.Gym membership.

My boyfriend got me a gym membership for Valentine's day. I tore it in half and asked him to go buy me chocolates.


9. Mom's gift is her gift now.

The day my boyfriend invited me over to meet his parents, he gifted me a beautiful family heirloom for valentine's day. It felt like a huge commitment until his younger brother told me that they picked it up at a flea market for their mom. She hated it and he didn't want to waste it..


10.They broke up because she scared him.

My boyfriend and I were hanging out one day and I told him I wanted to try the gothic look. Like, wear all black and spook people. But I was only kidding. My boyfriend clearly overlooked that because he bought me black lipstick and leather pants. He broke up with me later, saying that I spooked him the one time I wore it. He couldn't get it out of his head..


11.Cookbook for him.

For 1 year, I dated my Ex. He always teased me because I didn't show any interest in cooking. For Valentine's day, he got me a cookbook and a spatula. He said it would motivate me...


12. A new number plate.

My Ex gifted a personalized number plate for my car. I was really excited, but then he handed me the bill and said I had to pay it as soon as possible otherwise I will be charged a fine. Apparently, it was more than he anticipated...


13. Cash on delivery.

You probably know what my girlfriend did. She ordered branded everything: shoes, jeans, sweatshirt and a blazer. But she clicked Cash on delivery. I stopped reminding her, but I look forward to the day she'll pay me all my money back. Because at the time she had said, "I'll pay you tomorrow, baby."


14. A picnic with her mom.

She really wanted to take her mom out, but she didn't want to go alone. So I agreed to go along. I didn't know it was an overnight stay in a hotel that was on the outskirts and had the worst cell service. Her mom gave her daughter a break and kept picking on me. She found fault in everything I did and said. Even when I crossed my feet, she sighed!
We had to break up. Not only her mom and me. But my Ex and I.


So, dear couples, be careful where you get the gifts from, with whom you go to dinner and who you give your passwords to. These are some really messed up confessions, but I really hope everyone else has a beautiful Valentine's Day this year!

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