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Yes, Bata Is Not An Indian Brand. Here's How Indians Reacted.

Date: 2020-12-03 14:40:41

By TabloidXO

Is Bata made in India? Is it owned by an Indian?

With all these questions arising in your mind, who thought Bata, an affordable brand who is well known in every Indian household would not be an Indian company?

Bata is a 126-year-old famous shoe-company of Switzerland. It was started in 1894 by Tomas Bata, who was a citizen of the Czech Republic.

bata indian brand

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Bata shoes are loved by people all over the world, especially in India.

But Indians do not know this until they got to know that for the first time in history, an Indian is going to lead this global brand.

Bata appointed Sandeep Kataria as the global CEO of the company. He replaced the current CEO Alexis Nasard (retired).

bata indian brand
Source: Indianexpress

After this news of an Indian CEO went viral, it was then the Indians realized that Bata is not an Indian brand but a Swiss brand. After this, people are constantly sharing memes and jokes on social media.

Congrats to the CEO tho from r/india

Some even mentioned the names of such brands whose names are foreign to hear, but they are Indian, like Peter England, Allen Solly, Louis Philippe.

How Bata came into India?

bata indian brand
Source: Pinterest

In an interview with Riaan George of Urban Eye, Charles Pignal, a fourth-generation member of the family and the Heritage Director explains how it all started.

His great-grandfather when first visited India in the 1920s, saw people walking barefoot or with torn shoes. Apart from foreseeing a huge market potential, he envisioned to provide Indians with quality shoes at an affordable price. Till today that legacy continues. (Source: thestrategystory.com)

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