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10 Things You Should Not Do In Thailand!

Date: 2018-10-06 14:09:28

By Antriksha

Thailand is the city known for its sparkling beaches, endless nightlife and temples that can leave you starstruck. There are many things to do and explore in this magical place but here are a few things that you probably should not do in Thailand.

1. Kissing is a huge no in Thailand!

While in Thailand you have to be extra careful while showcasing public display of affection. Hence, people there don't take kindly to heavy make-out sessions. You will also find that people there are not much into even holding hands.


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2. Dress accordingly.

While in Thailand you need to be extra careful about what you are wearing in public. Dress appropriately while visiting a temple and cover yourself up especially knees and elbows, it is more a show of respect than anything else. Whereas in certain beaches and bars you can choose to wear less clothing.


3. Monks are highly respected in Thailand.

In Thailand, Monks hold a position that deserves the utmost respect and you have to observe the same thing. It is advised that you maintain a respectable distance from them and avoid unnecessarily hugging them or touching them. Monks avoid complete contact with women.


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4. Avoid using feet to point.

In their culture, feet are considered to be the lowest part of the body whereas the head is considered to be the highest and most respected part of the body. So, they tend to avoid pointing things at with their feet as they consider it highly impolite.


5. Don't forget to remove your shoes.

They are also very specific about shoes and in most of the shops, temples or even homes they will remove their shoes outside the house. It is pretty advisable for you as well to remove your footwear while entering any such place to not offend the person there.


6. Don't touch anyone's head.

You should never in any circumstance touch anyone's head while traveling in Thailand. They consider head to be the most important part of the body and it is considered highly rude and impolite if someone does that.



7. Never say something offensive about the royal family of Thailand.

The royal family in Thailand is highly respected and treated with reverence. They won't take it lightly if you make some highly insensitive remarks about them or in any manner disrespect them.


8. Don't whistle or snap fingers.

While in Thailand, it is considered highly rude and disrespectful if you whistle or snap fingers to call someone that you don't know by name. Don't ever do that as Thai people strongly believe that such manner is used to call a dog and not a human.


9. Don't blindly trust the Tuk-tuk drivers of Thailand.

Tuk-tuks are Thai version of auto rickshaws, they give you a splendid view of the city. However, you have to be wary of the drivers who will try to con you into taking longer routes or tricking you into believing the destination you want to go is closed. Through this, they will earn an extra commission as they will try to take you to some other place.


10. Don't be part of wild animal attractions

It is quite commonplace in Thailand to see wild animals which are drugged up and are used as a tourist attraction. Don't pay money to such people to pet them and also don't ride the elephants. These elephants are most of the times treated poorly and are used as slaves.



Thailand is aptly known as Land of smiles and will surely stun you with it's splendid coastline and warm people.

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