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10 Things To Avoid If You Are A College Fresher!

Date: 2018-10-23 10:20:28

By Antriksha

The Not-To-Do list if you just stepped in your college life!

1. Avoid joining too many societies!

This is what usually happens when you think that under the cover of anonymity and certain amount of freedom from the school schedule you can take part in more than one society and able to manage both of them. This is not usually the case as societies are quite demanding and will take lot of your time. So, take part in the society that you are most interested in and then if you still think that you can manage another one then go for it.


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2. Don't be an introvert!

It's a fresh new world and a clean new slate for you to start with. It's better to shed your old image of an introvert and acquire a moderate personality that is in touch with people around you. This will help you to come out of your shell and socialize more.


3. Class representative is a tough job

Well, if you think you are cut out for leadership roles like being a CR and administering around both the teachers and batch mates go for it but more than often this job gets tough with arising pressure from both sides.


4. Not too many parties

Parties are fun and quickest way to socialize and meet new individuals and strike quick and convenient friendships but its also advisable to still maintain a curfew and party once in a weekend. It looks fun but takes it toll when you don't get much of free time to explore yourself.


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5. Fresher's dilemma

Now, you might have so many freshers party ranging from the official college one to the unofficial one. You even have those parties with the passes and stuff. It comes upon you to decide which one to attend and which not to. If you are deciding to attend each and everyone of them it will be quite exhaustive and you will realize that you are not even having much of fun.


6. Fest craze

When you enter college, you plan all the fests you will be attending and even vow that you won't miss any of them. Get ready for disappointment because you can't attend every fest that you plan as it is an extensive affair. So, choose the best colleges that are worth going to and then plan your whole outing.


7. Don't stick to one friend

Usually happens that the one friend we make when we initially meet someone kind of sticks to us the whole college life. Even though there is nothing wrong with this, it also limits us to them only and doesn't allow us to open up more with the other individuals.



8. Professors are not teachers

We have this very apparent thinking to treat professors like our teachers at school but this is not the case. Professors don't take much interest in you and are more professional than personal in this sense. So, it's you on your own and you won't get that special attention from them.


9. Procrastination

Everyone has a tendency to procrastinate and if you think that college life is more chill and relaxed, get ready to shatter this myth because this is not the case at all. You need to read, study and observe more in college and don't leave all your assignments for the night before the deadline. It will get hectic and nearly reduce you to tears.


10. Internships or other work

Freshers are more laid back and chill but it is also very obvious that you need a killer resume in the end of your college term to land a good job. In order to do this, it is more preferable if you start looking at your options from the very start. It doesn't hurt anyone to be informed and clear about your goals and not be a sheep.



College life gives freedom but with this there also comes a certain sense of responsibility. To sail through this smoothly, it is quite smart to come with certain sense of alertness and preparedness from the very start.

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