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10 Tips To Achieve Success Which You Want In Your Life!

Date: 2018-09-25 15:50:53

By Antriksha

We have dreams and we have plans on how we should go on about achieving all those dreams but we tend to mess it up. There can be so many hindrances that make us lose our hope and we end up giving up on our dream. If you want something in your life, never stop believing in it and here are some ways to go about it!


When you want something bad, you keep dreaming about it. You dream about your whole journey and not only good parts. It becomes an inherent part of you and you give it precedence over everything.



Before you venture into risky or uncharted waters, set your goals. You need to be clear about your goal and not riddled with confusion and uncertainty. When you are confused, you tend to lose focus and make mistakes that can be fatal.


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3. Have fun, loosen up!

Live in present and make most of it while you are at it. You won't lose your focus and determination if you decide to have fun and relax. In fact, this will give you rest and allow your brain to unwind and then focus more.


4. Learning is a process that never stops

All the successful people tend to hold the spot of success because they don't stop when they reach their goal. They keep on learning and evolving with changing times and competition. They respect their hard work and don't take it for granted.


5. Innovate yourself creatively

If a formula doesn't work, don't stick to it. Keep innovating yourself until you find your perfect way to go on about things. You have to stop believing that whatever worked for every other person aspiring to achieve the same goal might work for you as well. Your journey is different and your difficulty level as well, so keep innovating according to that.


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6. Be prepare for initial failure

You win some and you lose some. If you achieve success instantly in your initial phases trust me it won't sit well with you. Initial failures are fine, they make you conscious and aware of your shortcomings. They make your path clearer and what is a success story if you don't have failures to account for.


7. If you believe it, don't lose hope

Don't be disheartened. You have invested so much energy and time into your one goal. If you lose hope, you lose half of the battle. It's a tricky thing, you will feel so let down by your dream itself that you would feel like giving up. You will start thinking about less appealing alternatives but if you don't find them appealing what is the point of even thinking about it.


8. Manage your time

The same old trick that everyone harps about. What is even new about it right? Managing time advice is passed down ages because they knew whoever had time in their hands had things not only well-managed but also they were two step ahead than rest of the world. You want to reach towards your goals sooner than another person, you have to ensure that time is by your side.



9. Comparison only stunts your growth

We do lot of mistakes and comparing your worth, your struggles, your way to go about things with another person wouldn't make you achieve things faster or better. It just gives you anxiety. Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg started comparing himself to say Bill Gates, he will be so invested looking at their success or failures that his own things will start falling apart. It is good to be competitive, to have a feel about their next move but not if you are so critical and immersed in their growth that you lose focus of yours.


10. No regret over missed opportunities

Missed opportunities haunt you through your whole life, they don't let you live or focus on another opportunities if you let them overpower your mind. You might have heard lot of sad stories about how people had to leave their dream behind because of one thing or another. I believe it is not only about missed opportunity but also your own reluctance to continue fighting for it.


Success is so much more than just thinking but it is a whole process comprising of meticulous planning, working on it and taking few hits in the process. You need to have belief in yourself and your dreams to make it to the very end.


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