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11 Creepy Things In The World That Will Make Your Days 'Scary' And Night 'Sleepless'

Date: 2018-09-30 12:02:43

By Antriksha

Fear intrigues us all and has a tendency to stimulate our sense of wonder and question of unknown. From the very beginning, there have been many phenomenon that could not be explained by the rational mind. That has led to many speculations and association with supernatural as well. Here are such scary things in the world that has mystery surrounding it.

1. Dancing Plague

In July 1518, in the Holy Roman Empire of Strasbourg, Alsace there occurred a phenomenon which had people talking about it for centuries. It started with Mrs. Troffea, a woman who started dancing on the streets of the Strasbourg and didn't seem to stop. She was then accompanied by more people who were predominantly women. They kept on dancing for weeks and only stopped when they died of exhaustion, heart attack or a stroke. It was inexplicable then and caused lot of furor amongst the people. Later, it was said that maybe they had consumed a psychoactive drug or LSD which resulted in such absurd behavior that ended only by taking lives.


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2. Anna Baker's Dress

It's a story of unfulfilled love that met the tragedy of never ending up happily. Anna Baker was the daughter of wealthy ironmaster Elias Baker who is known for Baker mansion in Altoona, Pennsylvania. She fell in love with a low-class steelworker who was rejected by her father Elias as he was lacking in status and class. Anna Baker was determined to marry him and chose a spinster life for herself rather than marrying someone else. She even made a wedding dress for herself that she was never able to wear. It is said that this wedding dress which is stored in this Baker mansion is haunted. People have noticed a lot of paranormal activities. They have reported the wedding dress moving in the glass case on it's own and they also have noticed the glass case sometimes shaking violently and took it as a sign of Anna's spirit longing to break the glass case and take the dress.


3. Amityville Mansion

This mansion is located in Long Island, New York and is known for the haunted activities which were the basis for a novel and a film. On November 1974 Robert DeFeo Jr. is said to have killed his whole family in this mansion. He was convicted and jailed for this murder. It is said that after the whole incident, the second floor of this mansion is haunted. A family by the name of Lutzes have recorded their experience of "demon with his head half blown out", "Jodie, the demonic pig friend of Missy Lutz", "sound of doors slamming", "haunted red room", etc. while living in the mansion.


4. Death body in water tank

This is till date a murder mystery that still alludes all common sense and solid evidence. Cecil hotel in Los Angeles became a point of interest and debate when a body of young Canadian student Elisa Lam was found in the water tank. The people staying in the hotel complained about water as it looked weird, smelled disgustingly sweet and had a distinct color. Upon investigation, Lam's dead body was found floating in the tank with her clothes and shoes floating beside her. The police released the footage of Lam before her death which shows suspicious behavior by Lam. She can be seen hiding and gesturing to someone and then getting into the elevator which moves jerkily. It is still a mystery how she got into the tank as it is only accessible to the staff and is security coded with a passcode.


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5. Sodder Children

In Fayetteville, West Virginia on Christmas Eve of 1945 there occurred a fire in Sodder home which was occupied at that time by George Sodder and his wife Jennie living with their nine children. A fire that broke into the house reportedly killed five children which were sleeping in the attic but when the firemen investigated the attic there was no sign of charred bones or flesh of the dead kids. George Sodder believes that the children somehow escaped and are still missing, he even put up a billboard asking about the missing five children. As time went by there was a letter that was reported to be from the missing children and even a photo of a boy that was believed to be the adult version of the missing child.


6. Isla De las Munecas

It is famously known as Island of dead dolls and has a creepy story behind this name. The whole place is decorated with dolls with varying degree of decapitation, dead eyed stare, and soulless looking persona. All these dolls hang on a tree. They have a sordid tale behind this. It is said that Don Julian was the caretaker of the island and found a dead body of a girl floating in the river. He was not able to rescue her and it is said that this incident spooked him to such an extent that he started hanging dolls all around the island. He also recovered a doll near the dead body of the young girl. It is said that the spirit of the dead girl possessed him and made him do all this. He was found dead in the similar fashion and was found floating in the same location where the dead body of the girl was recovered by him.


7. Toxic Lady

Gloria Ramirez was admitted to the emergency department and was suffering from last stages of cervical cancer. She came to be known as a toxic lady because when she was operated, the people started fainting, experienced shortness of breath or muscle spasms. It is reported that there was an oily sheen like quality to her skin, garlic-like odor emanated from her mouth and ammonia-like smell came off her blood when it was drawn out by the nurse. The doctor who treated her was put in ICU for two weeks as she suffered from acute shortness of breath. Gloria died of Kidney failure and was buried. There are many speculations surrounding her death and have gained recognition.



8. Dybbuk Box

This box is said to be possessed by an evil spirit that goes by the name of Dybbuk and is essentially a wine cabinet. Kevin Mannis bought this box at an estate sale from holocaust survivor of Poland named Havaleh. She described the box to be haunted by the spirit and advised Mannis never to open it. When Mannis opened the box he found few pennies, a lock of blonde and black hair bound with a cord and a small statue with Hebrew word "shalom" engraved on it, a wine goblet , a single candle holder and one dried rosebud. Mannis experienced cases of vivid horrific dreams and other paranormal experiences. People who bought this box from eBay auction also started getting afflicted with various diseases and experiencing strange dreams of an old hag with the box.


9. Exorcism of Annelise Michel

She was diagnosed with temporal epilepsy and was known to exhibit seizures and seeing faces of the devil. She was taking medication to treat her hallucinations and seizure but continued to hear voices about rotting in hell and being damned. She believed that she was possessed by a demon who made her intolerable to all the religious objects like holy water and crucifix. Her condition worsened and she started inflicting injury on herself, ate insects, drank her own urine and also showed signs of aggression. This led to exorcism in secrecy where she was stopped from taking medication and made to undergo the procedures but she couldn't survive them and died of malnutrition and dehydration. Her parents and the priest who allowed the exorcism was charged with negligent homicide. The movie Exorcism of Emily Rose is based around her story.


10. Chicago's hitchhiking Ghost

What will you do when a beautiful, blonde, blue eyed, dressed in white women waves for you to slow down and let her hop in for a ride. It is believed that near the resurrection cemetery in Chicago there has been many cases of spotting this beautiful women who hitchhikes with the people and then vanishes into the thin air when they reach the destination. It is believed that she is the ghost of a women named Mary who died on the same road while returning from an evening dance.


11. Haunting in Connecticut

It is not only a movie but draws its inspiration from real life events of Snedekers who did live in a house that belonged to Morticians. They have told their story in various talk shows and are adamant about the haunting they experienced in the cursed house. They found equipment used by the morticians and also a small graveyard behind their house. They reportedly could talk to the ghosts and even saw them, they even saw blood red water and mysterious bulb going on and off on random intervals. Their son was diagnosed with schizophrenia as he could talk to the ghosts and was send off to mental hospital.



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