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13 Things Which Are Wrong With The Indian Education System!

Date: 2018-10-20 15:42:33

By Antriksha

Indians still follow the old age education system where your aptitude, knowledge, and skills depend on how much you score and not on anything else. Kids are defined by the fact that they are either good in studies or they are not. You can be a huge disappointment to your family if you fail to memorize and reproduce the text on a paper.

1. Science Over Arts

If a student is not able to perform well in exams in 10th standard, they are encouraged to take arts because apparently according to our education system science require high marks but arts doesn't.


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2. Sports and extra-curricular activities are for fun

Kids are not encouraged to go into fields that are not academic. Many schools, in fact, don't even help sports kids to practice and will force them to give up playing to concentrate more on studies.


3. Rote learning and ability to reproduce answers

We all have spent whole day memorizing paragraphs by repeating it again and again till it doesn't get set in our brain. It doesn't even matter if you don't even understand the text or its context, the only thing that matters is your ability to reproduce it in exams


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4. Fill pages

Our education system is so flawed that it encourages us to write long answers even if the content is not even related to the question. Whereas, if you write content based answers they won't even fetch decent marks if they are not lengthy.


5. Theories and only that

In school, no matter what you hardly used to get practical knowledge or projects that demanded research work or field work. Due to this, kids just know the concept but they don't have any idea where to apply it and how to apply it.


6. Education will get you Job

A good education opens venues for you to work in but in India education is seen as an end to everything. If a kid is unable to perform well in a subject, his career seems doomed and it is felt that he would be good for nothing for his whole life.


7. Medical or Engineering

Education is only necessary if you are studying as a doctor or as an engineer. Parents and family all expects you to choose only this as a career and will force you to only opt one of these.



8. Out-of-box thinking is subdued

Kids are imaginative and can write answers creatively but the teachers will force them to think a certain way and if a kid can prove the same question in an easier way they are dissuaded, not even given full marks and told how to do it correctly.


9. Teachers are incompetent

Even teachers don't take interest in teaching kids. They feel it as a great task to teach kids. They won't let kids develop a thought process and do analysis on their own. If someone has a differing view they will be quick to shut him down as someone who is arguing.


10. Private schools vs. Government schools

There is a whole disparity between private schools and government schools in India. Everyone wants to send their kids to private owned school because of the slightly better education system which is expensive as hell. While the standard of government school is lowering day by day.


11. English is made a standard of intelligence

If you can speak and write in English, you are considered to be someone who is fairly educated. This is the criteria that Indian school stresses on fiercely. Everyone should be able to speak in English and if you can't you are heavily judged.


12. No dreams and aspirations

Kids do not think about their own dreams and aspirations and they will do what others are doing. There is the whole concept of following people blindly without even considering what you really want.


13. Marks and positions

All it matters in our education system is the kind of marks we are scoring and the position we have attained. A small child is told to compete with their classmates and is incessantly compared and reminded of his or her friend that is studious and has scored well.



In India, the education system is so very flawed that people even after studying as much as they do here don't have any idea what exactly they are studying as they generally don't have any interest in it. We are not able to retain stuff for more than our exam period and it's not our intelligence but our ability to rote memorize stuff that fetches us marks.

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