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15 Things That Confident Girls Do Which Makes Them Apart From Other Girls

Date: 2018-08-31 15:57:03

By Antriksha

Confidence is a trait that usually shows when you are satisfied and sure about yourself and it is quite evident in your behaviour and manner. Confident girls stick out in the crowd by the way they carry themselves and these are sure signs to spot one.

1. Don't take any bullshit

These girls don't take any bullshit from anyone not even from their beloved ones. They have a certain tendency to call a spade a spade.


2. Can't fool them

It's so very tough to con them and they can drive a hard bargain that can convince the shopkeeper to reduce the price to the minimum.


3. Can hold their own in arguments

They are opinionated and will not shy away from participating in a healthy discussion but they won't relent to any baseless arguments. They also accept difference in opinions.


4. Know what they want

They don't have any confusion between the brands to choose from or the make up to decide on or even the food that they would like to eat on a particular day. The are clear about their wants and won't waver from them.


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5. Don't pull others down

Back biting is the highest form of insecurity and that gets reflected in the way you try to pull people down. Confident women don't indulge in such acts as they are totally confident about themselves.


6. Self-help is the best way to go

Every confident women knows that self-care doesn't make anyone selfish. They always stay motivated because they help themselves first.


7. Healthy lifestyle

They are strong women who knows that their health matters and they give special attention to this by following a strong work ethic and healthy diet.


8. Don't comply to society's rule

They are very individual in sense that it is tough to mould them according to the society's standards and will usually have very differing opinions and views as to the one perpetuated by the society.


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9. Tough to convince them

They have set beliefs and ideals. They know when to say NO and nothing can convince them otherwise. They are swift to tell you that if her ideals and beliefs get threatened.


10. Emotions are their power

A confident women is very much in touch with her feelings. She doesn't see her emotional side as a hindrance but actually feels that it adds to her strength.


11. Get over it!

They have this positive outlook to all the major setbacks in their life. They usually try to move on and do better in their next try rather than to worry over all the mistakes they made in first try.


12. Supportive to each other

Whoever said that women only pull each other down doesn't know that women are each other's biggest support especially confident and self-assured women who always tries to be each other's strength.



13. They even ask for help!

Asking for help doesn't make anyone look like a damsel in distress. When you ask for help you show your willingness to learn and grow and it should not be seen as a sign of failure.


14. Bold but not brash

These women are bold and they never are the one to back out when it comes to speak against any kind of injustice but they also have a way of speaking that is assertive but not rude or derogatory.


15. Always ready for worse

They are cautious and tends to analyse the situation from every aspect. This ensures that they don't get into sticky situations that they can't get themselves out of.



Confident women is more than perfect clothes and make-up. They have certain body language and vibes that draws everyone to them. When they enter any room they don't get self-conscious but own their image. It's an attractive quality to have in a person and will surely attract people.

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