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15 Things That You Should Never Do With Your Hair

Date: 2018-10-08 11:34:10

By Antriksha

Your hair is something to cherish and it sure is quite harrowing when something happens to them. You just don't want to lose them in any sense and these are some things you can do to save them from any harm.

1. Don't use heating tools on your wet hair.

Your wet hair is most sensitive and is prone to damage if you use styling tools on them. It's better if you just let them dry and then proceed to style them.


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2. Excessive brushing doesn't make them shine.

It's a common myth perpetuated through ages that brushing hair repeatedly makes them shine. That is not the case, to have healthy and shiny hair use proper brushing technique and you are done with it.


3. Don't color your hair.

Getting new and funky colors might be fun but it also has a damaging effect on your hair. These colors have strong chemicals that can harm your hair and leave them dry and rough.


4. Don't repeatedly wash your hair.

Washing your hair daily is a huge NO! Wash them only when needed or after every three days. If you wash them repeatedly, they will turn brittle and you will have more hair fall.


5. Avoid dirty hair brush.

Dirty hair brush has an abundance of germs and bacteria that collects on them over the time. This can seriously infect your hair. So, it is better if you disinfect your hair brush frequently to avoid this as much you can.


6. Too-tight pony tail is a big no.

Wearing your hair in a too-tight pony tail might help you to avoid the messy hair look that you hate but it also damages your hair and makes your hair follicle weak and causes hair damage.


7. Use hair conditioner.

It's recommended that you use hair conditioner after every wash because it adds a protective layer to your hair. Even though your hair might look flat and subdued, it will be worth it because of the protection that the hair conditioner provides.


8. But don't use it liberally.

Hair conditioner should be used in small amount and you should not apply it like you are using shampoo. So, don't apply it in copious amount.


9. Hot water damages your hair.

Hot water is not rejuvenating for your hair. In fact, It damages your hair and makes them brittle. They also bring in the split ends and makes your scalp extremely dry and damaged.


10. Don't skip heat protectants.

While styling your hair, it is recommended if you don't skip the heat protectants which will help to protect your hair from the heated styling iron. Repeated use without protectants will make your hair loose shine and look stringy.


11. Don't use too many hair products at once.

There are so many hair products in the market for one problem or other. But it's better if you avoid using all of them for healthy hair.


12. Don't roughly dry your hair.

Your hair are most sensitive when they are wet and are more prone to hair fall if you roughly dry them while they are wet. You can wrap a towel around your head but avoid manhandling them with your towel.


13. Avoid repeatedly bleaching your hair.

Blonde tresses might be a huge fashion statement but bleaching your hair to get the blonde look is more damaging to your hair and won't give you the look you were aiming for.


14. Have a healthy diet.

Diet is the most important aspect to have healthy hair and if your diet is not proper your hair will be affected and the damage will be obvious.


15. Too much sun is damaging.

Too much sun rays can damage your skin as well as hair. Your hair is sensitive to sun rays as well and might be damaged by direct sunlight. If you are in sunlight for too long make sure to cover your head to protect your hair.


Protect your hair by not doing all these things and having a set regime for your hair that you follow religiously.

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