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Skip Your Movie Theatre Plan & Watch These 15 Indian Web Series Bcoz You Should!

Date: 2018-08-30 17:59:31

By Antriksha

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Indian cinema is cliche at its best and the television industry doesn't create space for interesting concepts to come up(unless it's not a South Indian movie). So, people have started experimenting with Internet platforms to create and develop shows that have garnered a lot of interest amongst the individuals. From past couple of months we have seen a lot of users binge-watching the Indian web series.

So only for you, we have got top 15 Indian web series that you can watch and make your home a movie theatre.

1. Sacred Games

Anurag Kashyap strikes again with his signature crime thriller that has been able to bypass the censorship and in that is explicit in the depiction of violent scenes and sexual content. It revolves around the merry chase between the cop Sartaj Singh and Ganesh Gaitonde in the sprawling city of Mumbai. Ganesh Gaitonde warns about some imminent danger that would strike Mumbai in 25 days and then narrates the story of his rise in the crime world. Whereas, in alternate timeline, Sartaj Singh starts working to stop this vague and unsure event.

This is the part of Netflix's international campaign: India and sure has captured the attention of people worldwide.

2. Ghoul

With only three episodes, Ghoul is another Radhika Apte starrer miniseries with horror as a central plot. The dystopian world that the story weaves aims at creating a society were Muslims revolutionary dealings are curbed and anyone who shows even slightest sign of possible 'infection' from such revolutionary ideas is taken to a Detention center where they undergo a process known as reconditioning. In such premises, a prisoner is brought in which is the said ghoul.

3. Laakhon mein ek

It is an amazon prime video original series created by Biswa Kalyan Rath which deals with a young boy named Aakash from Raipur whose father pressurizes him to study for IIT entrance exam and puts him in a coaching institute. It deals with his struggle over there and how he confronts them.

4. Lust stories

These four short film segments explore the taboo Indian relationships from the perspective of women. We get to see the life of four women experiencing dissatisfaction in their sexual or love life, this brings a new perspective to generally repressive female sexuality. It also is a brave attempt to explore the real sexual life of women from different spheres and background.

5. The test case

This story revolves around captain Shikha Sharma who is considered as Test case as she is the first woman training to join special forces amongst the group of Indian Army officers. It deals with her struggles of being the only women in a completely male-dominated world and the pressure of her failure or success in deciding whether women will be inducted or not.

6. Twisted 2

The next season of twisted continues with the attempts by the cop Aryan Mathur to finally put Aliyah Mukherjee behind the bars and incriminate her in the murder she did not even commit. Things take an interesting turn when they both fall in love with each other but are too steeped in vengeance to take notice.

7. Haq se

With Kashmir as the background and based around the novel little women, this story shows the life of four women with different kind of dreams and aspirations living under the conditions of political unrest but still determined to keep their dreams alive.

8. Life Sahi Hai

It is a comedy web series that revolves around the life of four friends in Delhi and their complicated dealings with their bosses, maid, girlfriends, neighbors etc. They find themselves in mind boggling situations and how they deal with such situations is where the comedy aspect comes into the play.

9. FLAMES #padhaiaurpyaar

This is a light-hearted web series which revolves around those youthful days when crushes and studies have to be balanced. The tuition days has a very nostalgic feel to it with innocent, cute little gestures from your crush transporting you into a daylong euphoria.

10. Engineering girls

Another show by Timeliners which explores the engineering college experience from the viewpoint of girls. It has three totally different kind of girls coming together and dealing with their set of everyday problems.

11. Tripling

As the name suggests, we find three siblings who in search of their identity and relations embark on a road trip to Jodhpur. The trio suffers from various dilemmas in their life and to take a break go on a hilarious journey.

12. Man's world

Another interesting show where the men are not the dominant gender anymore and the world is now run by the females. There is a complete role reversal with women now in the helm and taking more domineering stance while men struggling with all those problems that women did before.

13. Aam Admi family

Another hilarious show revolving around five members of Sharma family and their very aam struggles. It creates an original middle class family and their daily life struggles in a hilarious manner. No more saas-bahu drama and lengthy cliché family stories as it is a fresh take on what real Indian middle class families are like.

14. Sex chat with Pappu and Papa

Natural curiosity that arises from sex is very common in humans but the kind of a way we deal with this topic in India is not only regressive but also aims at curbing the sexual desires by not talking about it. This show however deals with Pappu a seven year old who gets his questions answered in a very innovative and fun way by his father.

15. Guddu beds guddun

This show deals with very traditional Indian concepts of what marriage has to offer. Guddu a young man of marriageable age has some very misplaced notions around sex and marriage. This all gets addressed in this series.

I think you want to say thank you?? No problem, you don't need to be...We gave you the reason to cover your room in a theatre. Happy Binge-Watching!!

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