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7 Ways To Shut Aunties Who Comment On Girls & Shame Them For Their Clothing.

Date: 2019-05-02 16:08:44

By Manveen

"Girls wear short dresses to invite other guys."

Yes, we have people with such mentality and no we are not poking anyone in particular in this article, but,
Yes, such things happen and yes in 2019. People have such low-level mindset for women and if this does not make your blood boil, god knows what will!
What makes such things more shocking is, women shaming the other women for the clothing she opts to wear. Every girl has had to deal with aunties, so, here are seven ways to shut aunties those who shame you:

Before that we start, we have a note for you all: All the points listed below does not want anyone to go harsh and misbehave with such people, instead, choose a calm approach to handle such situations/people.

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1.) Record the evil thoughts.

The same as the girls, who recorded this aforementioned aunty, yes make a video of them, shaming you and upload it and let the world hear what these aunties have to say to you. You are not alone on the internet and not restricted to any territory either, let the entire globe decide and teach these aunties a lesson.

Source: Facebook

2.) Remind them of their own vulnerability.

The worst part is that it is women shaming other women, as a woman at some point in life she would have gone through the same trauma and instead of reaching out she is judging other girls which never is or will be acceptable. Remind them that they are women too, Cersei Lannister thought she was safe, but she went down the walk of shame too, so if these aunties think they are safe, remind them that even they are not. At least not in India.

3.) Remind them of their daughters.

They might think of them as a supernatural body, who can blame them India is the land of delusional anyway, but yes, if they think they can shame you remind them that they have daughters, sisters or nieces that they care about and somebody can shame them too, attack them too.


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4.) Ask them the reason, "why do they think so?"

If they think they are all that smart and know it all then how come they are just sitting at home buying vegetables from local vendors? If they really are all this intelligent then why don't they have a career? Why have they not conquered the world?

5.) Challenge their authority;

Ask them (politely) who put them in this place to judge you? Indian High Courts? The Supreme Court?
Who on Earth charged them to shame other women and demand men to rape women?
Who the hell do they think they are?


6.) Call people around you when they try to embarrass you.

If they are shaming you for being yourself then you can gather people around and have one on one discussion with them, so that everybody around knows of these people's mentality. It is about time they pay for their nonsense. Later, at one point they will feel sorry for the wrong.


7.) Take them to a shrink.

Because they need it very clearly. Somebody should have taken them to a shrink before, but since nobody did, you do society a service and take the sickness for the due treatment.


Whatever it is, never stop. Do not let anybody shame you or make you think otherwise, it is they who are wrong, not you. They need to change, not you.


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