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8 Things To Do To Make Teachers Happy This Teachers Day!

Date: 2018-09-05 11:29:54

By Antriksha

Teachers are those special people in our life who takes a crying, snotty and completely impossible 3-years old happy and then patiently work on the kids for years to make them mature and sensible. We share a special bond with our teachers and this bond should be celebrated by small gesture to make them feel loved and respected. So to make your teacher happy this teachers day, we have got you some good ideas that will help you:

1. Plan a Surprise!

It would be an anticipated surprise but make it different with hand made decorations or baked goods to bring a smile on your teachers face. Nothing would make them more happier then you putting efforts and work in something small such as a card or some other kind of craft. You can plan a picnic or any other fun activity to cheer up your teacher.


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2. Teach for the day

Give them rest but also make it fun for both you and your teachers. Do something fun and creative like substituting your teachers with yourself and come dressed up as them to add certain charm to it. This will not only relax them but also make them laugh.


3. Organize a function

Teacher's day requires a whole special function that students can organize by themselves. It can include funny skits, dance and talk shows exclusively for the teachers. You can be as creative with it as you want.


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4. Prepare a Video!

World has gone digital and this open new spheres for you to experiment in. You can compile an appreciatory video of all the teachers complete with audio and visuals. You can be as innovative as you want.


5. Titles

This activity is really fun where you give your teachers respectful and nice titles that matches their personality. Just make sure that it doesn't become disrespectful and hurt anyone in the process.


6. Alumni videos

Teachers get attached to the kids and it's hard for them to say goodbye to them when they graduate. They all hold a special place in their heart as every kid is special to them. So, they would love it if they receive a video message or a written message by the alumni students on this special occasion.



7. Appreciation and Gratitude

Teachers should be individually appreciated as well. A person is more likely to feel more nice and happy if you individually show appreciation to them by either writing a letter or by going to them and verbally expressing your gratitude. This stays with them for far more time and leaves an inedible mark.


8. Volunteer and help

Help your teacher around with some small chore or volunteer for any other class duties like bringing class materials. You can also nominate people and assign them jobs that they need to do around the class that is mainly done by the teachers.



These are small and insignificant things that you can do for your teachers to make them feel special on this day. In the longer run, teachers are genuinely happier when you make something out of your life. This makes them more proud and happy and they will fondly remember you as the student they taught.

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