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9 Indian Songs Which Became Popular & Were Not Supposed To Be

Date: 2018-10-18 13:30:04

By Antriksha

Bollywood has become the land of old remixed songs with no sense of originality or meaning. They are not even that good as compared to the old ones but they still gain popularity. It's a sad thing for the music industry because talent, lyrics and the good music gets compromised for the easier way out of the whole song making process.

Some songs are senseless and degrading but still becomes a sensation, it only goes to show how weird the Indian audience is who chose to listen to such songs and that too on repeat.


This song has gained 300 million+ views but is actually ridiculous and senseless when you sit looking for meaning. It became famous due to it's catchy and dance worthy beat but if you look at the lyrics they are completely basic and bland.

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The lyrics "saree ke fall sa match kiya rey" does not even make sense in the first place but this song got 80 million views. It's popularity might be due to the fact that Sonakshi Sinha and Shahid Kapoor gave a high voltage performance in it with dance choreographed by Prabhudeva himself.


This rendition of the Punjabi song performed by Arijit Singh has garnered 203M views and has been a huge hit amongst the youth. The whole revamped version of the original Punjabi Song by J star is weird to say in itself.

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The lyrics of this song might be as senseless as they come with lines like "Aur tu paani tak peene na dey", "Na dikhla tu itni tezzi, karke baatein itni lazy lazy". If this isn't enough then the main part "tera buzz mujhe jeene na dey" goes right over your head. However, it gained astounding popularity due to bigshot names Aastha Gill and Badshah who already have produced a very addictive Dj waley babu song. This song gained 137M views.


This song was trending when it first hit the Youtube, it was made into so many memes that people were sick of it. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer this video has everything from preppy beats, dance music and clever usage of words. The lyrics however are over the top, mindless, numbing jumble of words that don't even add up.


Item songs coming out these days don't even make sense and this one is right in that category of stupid songs. However, Kareena Kapoor starrer dance video gained around 109M views just because it was in highly anticipated Dabangg 2 which previously had given Munni badnam hui. The song gained popularity and criticism alike.



This song is such a blatant rip off of Chris Brown's song Turn up the music that you can't help but feel sad about it. It clearly makes it obvious that Bollywood is trying to copy the western music and adding to that are the ridiculous lyrics. It gained around 38M views and was trending and not for all good reasons.


With 52M views, this song gained a lot of popularity but it is worth not even repeating. A mindless jumble of hero's inability to fall asleep on a Saturday night and questioning heroine on how can she fall asleep? Like what the hell even? The song is immature and a huge headache.


This song is catchy when you listen to it in first place. The beats are cool and chorus might even want you to dance but when you listen to it two-three times more you realize it does not even make any sense. With stupid lyrics like 'tukdo mein nikla re dil ka chilka, tune phenka khaa ke re'. It has gained around 129M views due to video which features Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon performing cool dance moves.

It is quite obvious why Bollywood is single-mindedly focused on making remixes of old songs, it is not only convenient but also saves a lot of energy. If it is not remixes of the old song then it's an amalgamation of stupid lyrics with one or two catchphrases for people to focus on and mind-numbing electro-pop that goes for music these days.

Note: The views which are presented above are of author and not TabloidXO. And we are not here to criticise someone's hard work, it's just our personal view.


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