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These 9 Types Of Teachers We Bet Were Your Teachers Once

Date: 2018-09-04 15:28:24

By Antriksha

It's true that we can find a teacher in all kinds of people, he doesn't only give us education but also instills life values in us. They form an important part of our lives and right after our parents, they teach us how to be a good human and useful part of the society.

We all have known that one funny teacher whose lectures we look forward to because we know they will make even the most boring topics interesting by adding funny incidents and in the process making the whole class laugh. We remember them the most as they made coming to the class worth it and also simplified the whole learning process.



The one teacher who doesn't like you because you inadvertently might have written a poem about his marriage and made it viral in the whole school or done something equally stupid. This teacher knows how to hold a grudge and repeatedly tries to sabotage your marks. Even groveling and crying don't help you to get back in his good books.


Hindi teachers are the funniest what with all the jokes that gets made on their English speaking skill. The famous one being, "why are you looking at the monkeys outside, when I am inside?" They will either speak hindi so pure in a form that it will go all above your head or speak English which will be hilarious. Its not their fault if all the English medium schools are forcing everyone to speak English 24/7.


That one cool teacher you have who knows how to give it straight to the student. He won't shy from telling you how wrong and misguided about life you are. His level of pessimism will make you see the world in all its harsh, cold and cruel reality. He is the ultimate "zindagi sey hatash aur dukhi insaan" and will repeatedly tell you long stories about his life.


Then comes the hopeless romantic, the one teacher who has interest in everybody's love life. They also automatically becomes the coolest teacher amongst the youth because of their open mindedness. They won't scold you for little hand holding or for passing notes to each other. The only thing they need is a daily dose of romantic teenage love stories for themselves.


This one is termed Hitler and aptly so because she won't listen to you and persecute you nonetheless. God forbid if you ever come into her bad books, she will ensure that she constantly monitors you and waits patiently for you to mess up. She won't allow skirts even a small inch above the knees, wants everyone to have two ponytails, will regularly check whether you have matching socks and most of all will humiliate you if you are wearing sports shorts right after your practice is over.


Then we all have that one personal teacher who we like to mess around with by either doing all our work wrong and getting constantly scolded by her or by messing around in class by acting goofy. She will constantly scold you but deep down you do know that she loves you and finds your silly antics cute.


How many times haven't we all been infatuated with a gorgeous teacher? We can blame it on our hormones but the truth is there always has at one point of our time a teacher that we admired and secretly crushed on. We would wait a whole day for their class and try to act all knowledgeable and smart in front of them. It's a classic case of SRK from 'Mein Hoon Nah' movie as he crushes on Sushmita Sen.


Now comes idiotic teacher, let me be very clear that they are not funny but their actions such as impromptu dance on the stage during some celebration, funny antics, facial expressions and other such minor acts will always crack everyone up.


Teachers become an integral part of your life from a small age, some you either hate and some you love with all your heart. This teachers day let us remember all of them that impacted your life and made you what you are today.

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