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Our Country Where We Worship Goddesses Each Day But Still, Crime Rates Against Women Are The Highest

Date: 2018-10-15 14:59:44

By Antriksha

India with its rich diversity and religion that celebrates women power is also the country which has highest crime rate against women. We worship nine powerful goddesses which blesses us with nine greatest virtues and blessings during Navratri. This in itself sends a powerful message of women empowerment. We put women on the highest pedestal in our society, we worship girls as the very incarnation of Goddess and we celebrate these nine days fasting, dancing and immersed in singing praises of these goddesses.
It is quite disheartening to know that the same country in which we celebrates goddesses as the Shakti, destroyer, creator or protector there is a rise in crime rates against the women.


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We blame women for the sexual harassment that happens against them but when small girls are attacked then who we are supposed to blame? We inhibit our girls, we tell them to act certain way, we tell them to restrict themselves, and we shut them up and blame them for crimes that are not their fault. Is this how we are supposed to behave while living in a society which exalts Goddesses with huge celebrations?

Isn't it funny how on one hand birth of girl child is met with funeral silence and on the other hand same people will pray to goddesses to fulfil all their wishes and give them a male child.
People don't feel regret or shame when they kill their girl child in womb, isn't it the greatest sin? How will you atone for these sins?


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I hope this hypocrisy of worshipping goddesses with so much fervour and then treating women with so much disrespect ends.
In this country, where women are unsafe and carry so much fear of sexual harassment at every step we need to ensure that they are treated with same respect that we give to our goddesses.

People need to realize that we are not something to be objectified and vilified. We will not take sexual harassment silently and movements like #MeToo is a testament of us saying "Enough is enough".
We as a society have a long way to go when it comes to actually praying to Goddess and treating women in general with respect. I dream of a world where women are not the one who gets subjected to judgement, who takes the brunt of someone else's misdeeds and the one who are victim shamed to such an extent that they are never able to voice their grievances again.



This Navratri why don't we teach our girls instead of being some house's "Laxmi" to also be the protector of that house's that is "Durga" and to be as strong and as powerful and destroyer of every evil like "Kali".
Wouldn't we make our world a better place, if we make our girls empowered, self-dependent and with a strong mind that is subservient to none especially our hypocritical society.


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