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11 Food You Must Avoid On An Empty Stomach!

Date: 2018-10-18 11:34:14

By Antriksha

Ever wondered which kind of food are there which can not be a good option to feast on an empty stomach? Empty stomach is most vulnerable and if you mess up your breakfast, you can completely ruin your whole day with unwanted ache or feeling of constant discomfort. Here are some foods which you should completely avoid on empty stomach.

1. Tomato on empty stomach.

Tomatoes are good for health as they are rich in nutrients and vitamin C but they don't make a good option for breakfast as they contain Tannic acid. This acid has an adverse effect on the stomach when taken during breakfast and can cause gastric problems such as ulcers.


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2. Citrus fruits on empty stomach.

This might come as a surprise because fruits are supposed to make an important part of your diet but when you take it during empty stomach it can have quite an opposite effect. It can cause irritation in your lower esophagus or cause heartburn and gastric troubles.


3. Banana on empty stomach on empty stomach.

Banana on empty stomach is quite a worst decision as they contain magnesium and potassium. When you eat them on an empty stomach the level of magnesium and potassium can rise drastically in our bloodstream and cause various heart problems.


4. Yogurt or fermented milk products on empty stomach.

Yogurt or cheese products are not an healthy option for breakfast as the lactic acid found in them gets killed off by the Hydrochloric acid found in the stomach if you haven't taken anything else with it. There is no point in consuming yogurt if all it's health benefits are made redundant by the acid secreted by your stomach.


5. Alcohol on empty stomach.

Drinking alcohol first thing in the morning is not good as it can be more potent and dull your senses which is never a good start for the day. Alcohol in an empty stomach goes straight to your bloodstream and cause warming up of your body, the decrease in pulse rate as well as can also cause wooziness. If you take some food with your alcohol, it doesn't travel as fast in your bloodstream and this also reduces its effect on your organs.


6. Tea and coffee on empty stomach.

If you are tea or coffee addict and prefer it first thing in the morning, you need to stop doing that. Tea and coffee are the root cause of many of your indigestion problems as it reduces the effect of bile juice and acid on your food. It can cause acidity or heartburn.


7. Spices on empty stomach.

Avoid eating anything spicy for breakfast as it leads to many indigestion problems. The stomach lining is vulnerable to the spicy food which combined with hydrochloric acid secreted by the stomach and be aggravating to it. This would lead to painful stomach cramps or indigestion.


8. Sugar on empty stomach.

Avoid eating anything that has processed sugar or sugar in any form like fructose. Eating sugary stuff early in the morning puts a load on your pancreas to digest it and they are still not ready. It can cause quite a strain on your liver and can damage it.


9. Raw vegetables on empty stomach.

If you take raw vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, onions, etc. on an empty stomach it can cause stomach discomfort and several indigestion problems with it.


10. Yeast on empty stomach.

There are some kind of yeast found in pastries which can be bad for your stomach when taken in breakfast. This yeast can really irritate your stomach lining which can lead to feeling bloated throughout the day. You might also feel discomfort and other gastric problems.


11. Carbonated drinks on empty stomach.

It is probably a very bad idea to drink soda on an empty stomach. If you want to avoid your stomach lining to be intact and working fine you need to avoid soda on an empty stomach. Even though it provides a quick shot of caffeine, it is not worth the trouble.


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