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History Owes An Apology To LGBTQ Community And Future Holds The Fear Of Stigmas!

Date: 2018-09-07 10:30:48

By Antriksha

Supreme court's verdict comes as a relief to LGBTQ+ community as they gain freedom to be what they want to be, love whomever they want to and have sexual partners irrespective of their gender. It is no longer a crime to love a person of the same sex. Even though scrapping of this colonial law brings euphoria all over India, there are still many people in this country whose mindset would be very difficult to change.


It's a historic victory for the LGBTQ+ community but the question of their acceptance and sensitization of our society about them still remains. In our society, the discourse of this community has always been in a derogatory sense. We have either shamed, laughed or humiliated them and never accepted them as individuals with their own rights. Scrapping of section 377 that has been a remnant of the oppressive colonial regime will bring new changes in our volatile society.

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While giving the verdict, supreme court clearly mentions that society cannot determine constitutional morality and the societal perceptions cannot compromise human rights and fundamental rights. This is enough to make it very clear that it's not prevalent society views that determine laws.


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Now this community doesn't need to stay in the dark anymore, they will no longer be repressed and no religious or societal stigmas will hold them back. Our society needs to realize how trivial it is to punish emotionally and physically someone based on who they choose to love and share their life with. They are as human as us, only difference is the kind of person they choose to love. But our society makes it hard for them to live in peace. They not only make the mockery of their life but also ostracize them. They are forced to remain in the closet and only allowed to live peacefully if they behave like any other heterosexuals. If they ever decide to come out, they not only lose their familial relationships but also their jobs and financial security. This is only a small part of the grim reality of belonging to this community in India.

This verdict brings an end to these discriminatory practices because now they have the backing of law with them. Even though the future is not a smooth road but at least it is a start to change the mindset of our very conservative society.



The very prevalent homophobia in our society needs to be erased and people need to talk about it more. They need to embrace homosexuality as something so very normal. A diverse country like India needs to shed its garb of conservatism that is rooted in homophobia and rigid religious values. We need to understand the plight of this community and century of abuse and torture that they have been subjected to.

We have come a long way from the Colonial era but the time it took for Supreme Court to finally scrap this section shows our reluctance to accept this community. We can only apologize for a history that has been downright cruel to this community but for future, we need to ensure that they no one longer face any stigmas.


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