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You Are Using These 26 Expired Products At Your Home, It's Time To Throw Them!

Date: 2018-09-19 14:28:38

By Antriksha

When it comes to checking the expiration dates of the product we check it only when it's food or the medicine. Apart from that we don't consider checking the expiration dates of other very generic products that we are surrounded by. Here is some of such products that we use despite them exceeding their expiration date.

1. Towel

We have towels in our house which lasts for more than ten years. Towels are continuously getting wet and due to that they make an excellent ground for bacterial growth. It's better if we replace them after every 1-3 year.


2. Toothbrush

A toothbrush lasts only for about three months. It has quick expiration date and this would come as a shock to most of us. Toothbrush also comes first when considering hygiene and you need to replace it soon after using it during infectious illness.


3. Bath sponges

Fungus and mould usually grow in wet places and bath sponges are breeding ground for their growth. It usually takes around 2 weeks and to ensure they are safe for use boil it in hot water to kill all the microorganisms.


4. Pillows

A pillow has an expiration date for about two to three years. It's not only the loss of shape that should prompt you to change the pillow but also the fact that pillows can be effective place for dust mites to accumulate.


5. Running shoes

They do outlasts for more than a year but if you have used them extensively over the year and the shoes have lost all their traction then it's better to replace them within a year.


6. Disinfectants

All the popular germ killing brands that you see can be effectively used for only 3 months and after that it's effectiveness decreases with the time. It becomes important that the amount you are buying should be effectively used within three months.


7. Mosquitoes Repellent

Even these have a time period of only two years and after that they loses their effectiveness. Mosquitoes repellent should always be checked while buying in terms of their manufacturing date.


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8. Power socket

Once a power socket gets put up in the house, it usually gets renewed after long interval of time but it is advised that you change the power sockets after every 4-5 years. This will prevent outbreak of electrical fires and also undue small shocks.


9. Spices

These are dried and then grounded to fine powder and has maximum date of use for 1-3 year which is quite contrary to the popular belief that they can last long. Spices lose their distinct flavour and taste.


10. Slippers

They might be comfy but they should be replaced after every six months. This is due to the fact that slippers go into dirtiest of places and attract lot of bacterial growth in it as well. Lot of infections can be prevented with regular replacement.


11. Bleach

The bleach that goes in washing your clothes to complete whiteness can only be used for about 3 to 6 months and after that it loses it's effectiveness.


12. Dish detergent (liquid or powder)

This only lasts for one year maximum. You need to utilize the detergent within one year. The cleansing properties of the detergent will be more effective within one year of manufacturing.

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13. Sunscreen

It has a short, seasonal function and effectively protects the skin if utilized within three years. You need to be smart while using such products and keep a tab on the expiry date with respect to the manufacturing date.


14. Tea

Tea leaves only last for two years in terms of their aroma, essence and taste. They lose their distinct flavour after certain period of time as well. So, it's advisable to use it within the two years.


15. Paint

Paints also gets expired with time. It takes around 15 years for an unopened can of the paint to expire while an open can only lasts for around 4 years.


16. Soap

They last for not more than three years and should be avoided to be brought in bulk. Soaps with time get a really dry look with cracks appearing on the surface. They lose their effectiveness and also their cleansing properties.


17. Helmet

It sure protects you and for something as crucial it also has a life span of around two years. They are made sturdy but when you are a regular biker the continuous use does take a toll that weakens the material it is made from. The salt that comes off from the sweat is corrosive and the exposure to sun and rain also weakens it.


18. Mascara

We usually try to prolong the use of mascara by adding water to it even when it's potential is exhausted. It doesn't last longer than three months and need to be thrown away.


19. Batteries

These have lithium in it which is reactive and with time makes it ineffective to conduct electricity. Battery have some parts that do corrode with time and can result in oozing out of the content. Even if there is no visible signs, it's advisable to use new one because they more effective.


20. Moisturizer

Facial creams and other beauty products that have hand application usually requires you to dip your hand in the tub which leaves bacteria to fester in the cream tub. Even the dispenser moisturizer have expiry date of only 2 years.


21. Hydrogen Peroxide

It's a common disinfectant used on scrapes and cut but it also has a shelf life of around 6 months only. It doesn't last long as this compound is highly unstable with it breaking down into hydrogen and oxygen with time. So, the effectiveness and it's disinfectant property reduces with time.


22. Hairbrush

You seriously need to chuck out all the hairbrushes in your house that have lived up to more than a year. Hair scalp is as sensitive as any other part of our body and it does get infected with fungal growth.


23. Perfume

These also have a lifetime of one to three years maximum and need to be replaced. This is mostly due to the fact that with time perfume loses their distinct smell and also don't last long and fade away quickly.


24. Flour

The flour you buy usually only gets thrown out when it is infested by the pests and apart from that people usually don't throw it out when it crosses the 6 month time period just because it looks edible.


25. Shampoo

They don't usually come with an expiration date but need to be tossed out after 18 months of opening. These products have certain chemicals in it which after a certain period of time loses their effectiveness.


26. Wooden spatula

We usually have spoons and spatula in our kitchen which is made out of wood. The thing about wood is that it can easily carry bacteria and is more prone to the bacterial growth. The wood can turn black and soft which is a sign of rotting and it should be immediately replaced to prevent food poisoning.


These are the common household products that are all the time in front of our eyes but we neglect them and continue using them more than their specified expiration date.

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