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8 Tips To Keep Your Kids Away From Using Smartphones!

Date: 2018-10-03 10:22:06

By Antriksha

Welcome to 21st century, here a kid might not know how to talk or write but he can use a phone better than you can. There is no end to kids and their love and fascination for mobile phones. Here are some alternative ways to keep their minds diverted and occupied into productive things.

1. Keep it under lock

Let's start with something as basic as a complicated, unfathomable password that your kid can never crack. Then you need to go and harden yourself from giving into their charm and telling them the password.


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2. Fun activities to divert their mind

Kids have a small attention span and they will easily be diverted with something they find more fascinating. The best you can do is a fun activity with them to engage them and divert their attention away from the mobile phones.


3. Don't let them use it too much!

Keep your mobile phone under your supervision and always monitor their use. Let them use it as much as it is required by them or needed by them and check out for the usual signs of addiction.


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4. Addiction should be monitored

There is a fine line between addiction and limited usage of the mobile phone. You need to look out for signs of addiction in your child. If kids are looking for small excuses to use phone or can risk scolding for the phone then they are definitely addicted.


5. Be a good example for your kid

Your kid learns from what you do and mimics you in every way. If he sees you on your phone more than necessary, it will definitely raise his curiosity and he will go on to pester you for phone.



6. Indoor or outdoor activities

Best way to keep your kid's mind diverted is to let him do his favourite indoor or outdoor activity more often. If they are not interested in any particular activity let them do any hobby of their interest.


7. Enforce time limitation

Your child won't be the one to give your phone back after using it for an hour, you have to be the one who has to enforce time on him. You need to be assertive when you do that.


8. Child lock is important

There are certain things that you don't want to expose to your young children at a young age. So, it is better if you install child lock features in your phone. This will ensure that your kid is not messing with something he isn't supposed to.


Phones have become a necessity for us but let your kid enjoy his childhood rather than allowing him to spend all his time on a cell phone.


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