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Scared Of Public Speaking? Here Are Some Way You Can Overcome It

Date: 2018-09-17 14:37:23

By Antriksha

After horror movies, I was most afraid of public speaking. Public speaking made me anxious. Whenever I tried to speak up in public I would fumble badly, get nervous breakdown of epic proportions and even experience mild trembling of my hands or feet. My heart would be in my throat and my chest would feel all kinds of constricted. It is not a best thing to experience but it is also something that you can overcome.

1. Practice makes perfect

I have tried this and it has always worked for me. Before going on a stage, I would practice what to say plenty of times in front of various people to get rid of the pre-stage jitters.


2. Mirror helps you to make eye contact

It has always been difficult for me to make eye contact with the people while giving my speech. I would always zone out and look at the walls or inanimate objects. So, to overcome this I would practice by looking at myself in the mirror.


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3. Fear of right or wrong

While giving a speech remember that you are just stating your opinion and to some it might be wrong or right. It is up to them to decide and you need to get this fear of rejection out of your brain.


4. Device a pattern for yourself

It's much tougher if you learn the words by heart and then try to recapitulate it in front of an audience. So, it is better if you format your speech in such a way that is easier to grasp and even if you forget the wordings at least main points are there to help you.


5. Subject matters

Your subject should be something that you are quite passionate about and comfortable speaking about in public. Things you are really into are easy to talk about because you have a connection with it.


6. Check your pace

Make sure that you are not too fast while delivering your speech. Your audience won't be able to grasp what you are talking about and they will lose interest in you. This would only lead to confusion and high chances of miscommunication.


7. Visualization

There is a power in visualizing how your speech will go and this will help to build your confidence. You need to imagine how you will deliver your speech and that to in a positive manner and imagine success while at it.


8. Deep breaths to suppress the jitters

Deep breaths helps to calm down the nerves and also to sort out the jumble of words and thoughts in your brain. Your jitters can be somewhat calmed if you focus on this breathing exercise.


9. Pauses can be a savior!

Sometimes you lose your train of thought and don't know what to speak more or the nerves might take hold of you and you are not able to come up with anything. At such moments, it is okay if you stop and take a pause to recollect your thoughts.


10. Professionals are always there to help!

You can always seek professional help who can go down to the root of your problem and help you to overcome it. They will provide you with problem specific exercises that will help you to overcome stuttering, nervousness, shaky hands, etc.


11. Talk to someone

Before going in front of an audience, it's better if you practice in front of someone you know and trust. This will give you an idea about how you are going about with the speech and build your confidence.


12. Keep your head with you

While delivering a speech, it often happens that you might be completely zoned out and start saying stuff that might be irrelevant to the topic. This would lead to a speech that is disoriented and not well connected. Audience won't be able to establish connection and this would only lead to more confusion. You need to have a level head on you while delivering a speech.


13. Make funny comments

This is one way to expel all the nervous energy. It might not always be a good idea if you are giving your speech in a serious environment but if you start your speech with something lighthearted and fun you will gain everybody's attention and audience will go easy on you.


14. Do a light exercise

Nervous energy in the body coils in our guts and keeps us restless. The feeling is unpleasant and can make you fumble over words. You need to get rid of this excessive energy by doing light exercise.


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