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Shaadi Season Is Around The Corner And We Hope This Year Every Marriage Will Be DOWRY FREE

Date: 2018-11-22 13:51:41

By Ritika

If you have power and capabilities to earn it, then why to beg for it?

As the end of the year approaches, so does the shaadi season and also, one of the reason we are putting out this article to the world.

Invitation cards decorated in all kinds of fancy ways, from ribbons to leaves to triple opening to just every innovative idea there is in the world.


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This pure bond called marriage binds two people who love each other, and if you are an Indian then families play an even more important part. The big fat Indian wedding is something known worldwide, with joy and cries playing equally important roles. The girl leaving her family to go to become a part of another family is as sad as happy.

The last wedding I was a part of was in 2016. Even though it was almost 3 years ago, every part of it is still embedded in my mind. Especially one part, where the girl's father was asked to fulfil some 'demands'. These demands came with a price tag. Often concealed with names like demands, gifts, Tofa - one simple name is 'Dahej' or dowry. The groom's family asked for a huge amount of cash along with a car and some other home supplies. Ummm, just one question, I think I should ask -

WHY? Yes, Really Why??

Every string comes with a knot. An ugly side of the wedding process is when families decide to turn to trading their children instead of giving them another family. Dowry is a very harsh reality of Indian marriages and ruins the purity of them.


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Dowry was made illegal in our country way back in 1961. Does it still exist? Hell yes. In 2012, 8,233 dowry death cases were reported across India, while in 2013, 8,083 dowry deaths were reported. Bringing to an average, almost 21 lives are lost every day due to dowry. Not is just asking for dowry disgusting, but succumbing to the demands is also equally as bad. You're not buying a girl, she's not a commodity but another human being with whom you're going to spend the rest of your life. It is supposed to be a happy, pure moment and not an exchange of sorts. We Indians like to sell our daughters like some good, and we also don't mind paying the price for it.


I am against dowry. I'm a girl and I'd rather die than see my family go through all of that. A father should not pay or spend all his life's savings to give away his daughter. The guy who is getting married is never doing an obligation by getting married to the girl. It's 2018 and I think it's high time that we realise that all the genders are equally capable of living by their own. Sometimes, parents are asked for way more than their earnings and have to live under very difficult conditions just to fulfill the demands of the dowry.


We've also all had our share of crime series where the girl had to suffer after her marriage because her husband's family would pressurize her for dowry. I wish I could say that it was fiction. It is the harsh reality of a lot of parts of our country and a lot of women and their families are suffering because of it.


Dowry is not a matter of pride but one of shame. Marriage is a pure relationship between two people, their families and their whole life. When money starts to come in between, the purity of it is completely lost. It is as simple as saying NO. Staying alone forever is better than getting married to someone who is asking for money to do it.

No girl can be put out there with a price tag.

This year, let's hope and aware people to not to TAKE and GIVE dowry, "Heere jaisi bahu laa to rahe ho yaar".

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