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Tale Of A Dysfunctional Family And Selfless Love: Kal Ho Na Ho

Date: 2018-09-03 17:10:56

By Antriksha

A boy next door stole everyone's heart but in the end, his heart failed him. This left a tale of unforgettable heartbreak, tears, and a lesson. This lesson is profound in it's impact and leaves so much to be desired more from this life. You realize in the span of approximately three hours so many little inconsequential details. In the end, it's not even about love but it is more about family, togetherness, and sense of completeness that you get amidst your loved ones.



Kal Ho Na Ho created an atmosphere. It connected with people from every walks of life dealing with their own tiny lives, trying to find love, struggling with body issues, financially broke or having family troubles. It created an atmosphere of acceptance and love in a place where people butted heads, had stereotypes for each other and had ugly pasts that soured all their relationships.


We all know that the central plot of the movie basically deals with how a man who is struggling to live his last few days to his fullest teaches something or another to the people around him. He helps them in one way or another bringing drastic changes in their life. He even gives up his love to another man just so she doesn't lead a lonely life when he is gone. If this is not enough he even goes and helps the another man to win her despite being completely in love with her. He pushes her away, pretends that he is married, makes her find her love and in this whole process our hearts break all over again with him.


The whole movie might revolve around this love triangle but what people ignore most of the time is the deep-seated family values. We see a strong matriarchal family headed by an independent widow fighting everyday to keep a roof over her family's end. Her dynamics with her mother-in-law might look like that of typical "saas and bahu" relationship that is exhorted in Indian TV serials but what makes it different is the evolution. Their relationship evolves from two people who can't stand each other to two people who are each other's strongest supporters. She doesn't stop there she also shares one of the most beautifully written and most amazingly portrayed relationship of a mother and daughter with her husband's illegitimate child. It's powerful as it shows her strength. She would rather go through constant insult hurling and hurtful taunts then let her dead husband's image be tarnished and ripped apart. Most importantly she accepted her completely and always stood by her side at the time when her own biological mother left her. What a strong character!


When we are apart we appreciate our differences more. It's more truly reflected in this movie. Throughout the whole movie trajectory, it becomes more apparent that even in our difference we are quite the same. We can be anything from Gujarati to Punjabi with different accents, food, dance, lifestyle, etc. we are united in our functions and the way we handle things.


Most importantly this movie leaves an indelible lesson of "life is too short to not live every moment to its fullest." Aman with few days to live and lifetime things to do is selfless in his love and brings together a dysfunctional family through tact and incredible patience. We laugh with him, at him and then as the movie progresses we are reduced to tears and we feel his pain as it's our very own.

After watching this movie, you experience nostalgia so fierce. It redefines love and you realize that Shahrukh Khan delivers this simplest message with so much conviction and the impact that it stays with you for your lifetime.

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