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Dear Bhai, Although I Am Not With You On This Rakhi, Our Heart Is Still Together, Forever!

Date: 2020-08-03 13:47:10

By Antriksha

Dear bro,

The most anticipated day of the year have come again but the tragedy of this day is that, unlike all the years that we have spent this day together, this year we are so far apart. It feels off-kilter and sad all at the same time. I wish we had been together this Rakhi as well, doing all our conventional leg pulling and teasing the way we used to.


I am blessed to have a brother like you and the words won't justify the amount of respect and love I have for you. As mother fondly recalls the time when I first arrived, you were scared to hold me, you were scared that this miniature baby would crumble if you touch her so much and I may somehow vanish. You were fascinated by my small hands and spend counting each finger twice a day. A four-year-old boy got a little toy to play with and he was ecstatic. This baby grew up to be your partner-in-crime, playmate, little nuisance and sometimes a total pain in the ass.

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You made me what I am today. You made me strong, wild, independent and sassy. We have made the plethora of memories together and played countless of made up games throughout the day and night. If I never had your calming presence, I would have been a sad case of a classic spoilt brat but you grounded me.


Our Sister's during Raksha Bandhan

We shared our own secret world of imaginary pirates, you were Peter Pan and I was one of the lost boys, fighting captain Hook, climbing imaginary mountains, going on epic quests for lost treasures. It was just you, me and our backyard. How can I forget all the senseless things we tried and got trashed within the inch of our life?


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This day all the memories are replaying through my brain on an endless loop. I wish I can somehow transcend space and time and reach you to tie that one sacred thread and not break the one ritual that we have been doing together since we were in diapers. As a kid, we did this to satisfy our mother and competed over who has better rakhi. I was jealous of the shiny diamonds and pretty designs that winked at me from your wrist. So, I would cry and you would always remove the shiniest rakhi from your wrist and tie it on mine.


As we grew older, it was not a competition anymore but a deep sense of sentimentality and emotions whenever I tied it on your wrist. It was renewal of the promise that we shared and a ritual that promised so much without uttering a single word. I will terribly miss this ritual because it signifies that we have been through so much. We have grown up together with our grandmother's stories whispering magical realms into our ears, weaving dream worlds distant and untouched and the echoes of gods mighty and strong. It shows that we have shared bruises, tears and all the mighty adventures that makes the childhood most beautiful phase ever.



So, even though we are far apart, our heart is still together. It lies in the distant fields of unripe maize where we played hide and seek, it still beats in the silent echoes of the laughter that we shared while rolling down the hills and it would always find it's peace at the end of the day in the childish antics buried deep in our memories. Photographs can only capture frozen memories but this heart replays those memories and brings it to life. I'll always cherish these memories in my heart. Forever.

Happy Rakshabandhan Bhai.


Yours Lovingly,
A Sister that still trails behind you

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