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A Letter To All The People Who Always Tell You What You Should Do Or Judging You For The Choices You Make!

Date: 2018-08-27 14:22:26

By Antriksha

Have you ever felt being watched to the point of going paranoid? It's like all the judgmental eyes are trained on you and you cannot escape them. Be it nosy relatives, pushy friends or the general people waiting for you to trip and make a mistake. It's like you are under their direct scrutiny and even your achievements are measured.

It starts when you are as small as a kid. This starts before you even get to know the meaning of the word 'judgmental'. As a kid, you are told to act a certain way which is acceptable and pleasing to your relatives and the strangers. It's like the society is conditioning you for it's severe criticism if you fail to deliver to certain standards that they demand from you.


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As you grow and reach teenage, the pressure mounts to now handling your peer group with their own aspects of "what is cool?" and "what is not cool?"" If you don't fit in, then you are cut off and if you make choices different from that of what all make your each step would be watched. You will be judged at every step.

This phase makes a young child full of their own individuality start losing every bit of it and settling in the mould of what our society decrees to be acceptable and what not. Worse is being left out of the group of your friends that you have known for whole life. It doesn't stop here, it mounts to something unbearable when peer pressure intensifies. Your friend will resort to forcing you to be in relationship that you don't want just for the kick of it. They will convince you to the point that you will feel trapped and the worse of this peer pressure is that it makes you have pseudo feelings to appease your friends.


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Then comes appeasing your parents wishes that can range from their expectations, their dreams and their aspirations from you. They will make you choose a career that you don't even want. Anything alternate to their point of view is unacceptable and would lead to swift cutting off. So, many lives were completely destroyed by this logic.

Remember that Farhan father dialogue "Kosoge khud ko jab apne dosto ko gaadi khareedte dekhoge!"


Relatives are like nosy strangers in whose eyes your image is important and you have to uphold the image of your whole khandaan in their eyes. They will judge you and compare you even with your dead great-great-grandfather. God forbid if you reach a marriageable age, they will harp you till you get married to someone of their choosing. If you go and do the mistake of choosing your own life partner you won't hear the end of it and they would take it upon them to criticize your life partner within inch of their life.


It's bad enough that we can't handle one life we are given, it always surprises me how people have audacity and time to judge and criticize others life. You have this one beautiful life, it should always be utilized to push other people up, encourage them rather than pressurizing them and critiquing them while your own life is in shambles.



This is to all those way too judgmental and psycho people who have a tendency to point out way too inconsequential things like, "The way her off shoulder top is not a top", "OMG! She is so fat", "She is not pretty", "He needs to be less nerdy.", "Nothing good about him"! Because honestly, if anyone would start on your absolutely perfect life they will find more flaws than perfection in it.

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