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Letter To IAF Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, We Indians Are So Proud Of You, Sir.

Date: 2019-03-02 11:21:42

By TabloidXO Writers

Respected Sir,

We don't know much about you or your personal life. We don't know how you came to the decision of becoming a Wing Commander. Was it a decision you made as a kid when you saw your father go to work? Was it because you heard tales of your grandfather fighting during World War II and wanted to do the same? Was it because you respected your father so much that wanted to follow his footsteps and make him proud? Was it because you wanted to serve the country you refer to as the mother? We can only guess.


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We don't know much about your personal life, but we can assume that at one point in time you must have wanted to make your parents proud. Like any son, you wanted to make your mother happy and puff her chest with pride while saying, "This is my son". There must have been so many times in the past, she would have said that already, maybe in third grade when you won the sports race or maybe when you got selected in the Air Force. But we would like you to know that today, not only your mother is proud of you, but also our whole country, our collective mother, is so proud to call you as 'our son'.


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Our country is known for hero worship and you truly are our hero. Your survival makes everyone's heart sigh of relief. But the grace and bravery with which you handled the situation make you a messiah for generations to come.

Do you know, people loved the way how boldly you said "I Am Not Supposed To Tell You This", when you were asked some personal questions which you were not supposed to reveal.

You have ignited the definition of being a true soldier. You must have known the risk of life when you joined the force, but staying true to your duty in the face of daunting darkness at bullet point is the true example of your love for the country.



Our country has always faced problems for centuries and even after our Independence. It is soldiers like you who make it safe for us, fight for us, and protect us with your life from the possible threat of war. We know, our forces stay far away from their loved ones, you all fight with life every single day, that's the reason we can easily go into bed without thinking if we would be alive to see the sunlight again. Just like god, you all take out all our worries and pains of the entire country and stand your guard to make us feel secure. There is nothing in this world that can actually show how immensely grateful we are to you.

But we can just let you know, Mother India is proud of you.

Thank you.
Jai Hind!


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