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This Is Why Radhika Apte Is The 'Radhika Apt Hai' For The Netflix And Even For Bollywood

Date: 2018-09-08 11:58:23

By Antriksha

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Netflix wished Radhika Apte on her Birthday Ap-day:

And this Omnipresent tweet made the internet crazy:

With recent boom in fame with back to back amazing Netflix series, Radhika Apte has become the face of Netflix India and they have been cleverly using her for promotion by innovative memes. Even their twitter account has proudly declared themselves as "just another fan page of Radhika Apte". People sure are wondering about her rise to quick stardom that has escalated her popularity on the social media but in reality, she has been here for a long time.

Radhika Apte is a well-established actress that has a screen stealing presence. She started her movie career with the movie Vaah! Life ho toh aisi and since then has worked not only in Hindi but also in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and Marathi movies. As much as she has worked in movies, she has also been an active part of the theatre and has given amazing performances. Her acting skill is honed to such a fine point that it makes a direct click with the viewer and leaves a lasting effect on them.

Radhika Apte also starred in movies like padman, hunter and kabali which were a commercial success and earned her lot of praises amongst the critics. She has performed to best of her abilities in Manjhi - The Mountain Man and established herself as an actress with immense potential.

The best thing about her is that unlike her contemporaries she is focused on movies that are content driven and also performs well on box office. She doesn't shy from doing small roles and makes sure that even those roles are performed to full of her potential which doesn't let us look away from her. Her role in the movie Badlapur was short but accrued lot of praise from the critics. Her performance simply mesmerizes everyone and has earned her the very well-deserved praise and attention.

With the latest Netflix craze where Radhika Apte got termed as omnipresent was applauded for her amazing work in Ghoul, sacred games and lust stories. Not only a versatile actor, she is also a trained dancer. She came back from London after her training to pursue her career in acting. She has done a lot of hard work to reach the place she is at now and the kind of role she takes up has given a new dimension to strong female lead roles.

As a person, Radhika Apte is a force to be reckoned with. She is passionate about her career and is quite focused on her roles. As an actress, she is much more conscious about her skills rather than the kind of image people forms about her.

She is married to her work and not with what people perceive her to be and is determined to do movies that sure will take her to new heights in Indian cinema. She doesn't conform to the mainstream cinematic world and is not afraid to explore uncharted territories of regional cinema. She is single-minded about her movies and her determination shines in the movies that she does. It would be interesting to see her journey as we can see all the qualities in her that is making of a phenomenal actress that will be much known for her movies rather than relationships, dramas or fame.

We wish to see you in each Netflix series, Radhika!!
Kyoki Radhika Apt Hai!!

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