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He Proposed To Me That Day And Now, It Was My Turn To Make Him Feel Special.

Date: 2019-03-29 18:33:51

By Mansha

That day, he made my life heaven.

I can't express my feelings how I felt when he proposed but it seemed as if only he and I are in this still motion and the whole world behind us in the slow motion with love in the background. Suddenly my dream turned into the reality where for the very first time I believed in God, I believed in dreams and each color of this universe attracted me towards them. That night I came home with the ring on my finger and a kind of smile appeared on my face which was not my usual, the glitter in my eyes was shouting towards everyone that "yes, I got him, I got his love". Even before I could tell my family, they got to know the moment they saw my face and the environment was changed. All were dancing, congratulating us and phone started ringing and in no time our relationship became official.



The moment it got official I saw myself in the mirror, happy tears were rolling down on my cheeks, I wanted to dance and shout to the whole wide world and then my eyes straight went towards my beautiful heart shaped diamond ring. I felt something strange and I wanted him to feel this same feeling, which I was feeling, that time. I too wanted to surprise him as he did and there I decided to do something very special for him.


Few days after from the day when he made me completely his, I had planned a great night for us thinking that he too deserve this special treatment, why should we always feel this dizziness in love he should too feel the way I felt. I planned which we always wanted to do before getting married; it was on our checklist to do something like this. With the help of our siblings and friends I planned a great night at the palace in Agra, yes I planned a night away only with him which he always wanted to do but being a girl I never crossed those lines.


At that moment, there was nothing in mind except we know our boundaries and this night would be special in a way that we always thought of. I called him early that morning to say I want to go on a long drive and I would drive his car this time, he stopped speaking for a second and said: "Though I want to reach to our wedding in one piece I am ready to take this risk and he grinned". Quickly without realizing that I was being trolled I was dancing and screaming my silent shout. By the afternoon he reached my place, he switched his place and I sat on the driving seat.


We were on the road with our endless talks about where would we plan our honeymoon and, as time is less we should really start planning. One hour passed and soon he realized that we are far away from Delhi and he got panicked and said, "Who told you to take the expressway, do you even know where have we reached?" I smiled back at him and kept completely shut, he went crazy about me being shut he only said one line that "you will land us in big trouble, I have to drop you back on time". I was still shut and we were entering Agra when he screamed: "have you gone crazy I would be wife". That's when I opened my mouth and said: "what you thought only you can surprise me, this time it is my turn". His face went blank and his eyes were looking more beautiful in the confused state that I said: "stop being this beautiful and don't get mad because we are here just for a night and I have told our darling siblings to take care of everything".


This time he was shut when I told him my plan of staying here as if he was sinking in what I just told him. I couldn't hold my laughter, I just hugged him and said: "don't worry it would just be a friendly stay with a little bit of chitchat and candlelight dinner". He laughed his best laugh and we started our day, which was full of love. I had never seen him this relaxed and happy before, I was glad that my plan worked and he got his kind of happiness in love.


Now we are a newly married couple, happy with each other and looking forward to a great journey of life together.

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