Thank You Santa Uncle For Giving Us The Best Gift, Christmas!

Date: 2018-12-24 15:25:56

By Manveen


Christmas is not a festival, it is a season. A season of sheer joy. In Malls come bumper sales and with them comes all the red and green in the aura. What is the use of a mall if they are not going to have the biggest Christmas tree of the city, huh?


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And schools, schools gave us such strong memories of Christmas. So much so that the moment the first wind of winters hit, it takes us back to assemblies of carols and hymns, yes and "Rudolph the red nose deer" being the most favourite of all.


Were you a good secret Santa? Oh, Christmas and all the memories.

Santa takes so much attention from everything, cards, streamers, decorations, cakes. If Christmas were Netflix then Santa Claus would be the Radhika Apte of it. But who could not love that old man?


Somewhere between Ruskin Bond and all the tales of old grannies of old men carrying naughty children away in their sacks, this one old man Claus never scared us and brought out so much affection out of us.Perhaps for our own selfish reasons of gifts but who can one blame for not wanting gifts when it is Christmas around the corner?

Actually, no one has to be blamed for, not even Santa Uncle!

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If it was not for the hundreds of years of slavery and colonial rule, Christmas would not have been such a significant event of the year here in India but look at us now, has it ever happened that somebody said something about the British Raj and nobody got angry, want to know why this happened?


Because, Christmas! Christmas is so merry that we are even looking at it in a positive way. How they say about something being "cherry of the cake" or "saving the best for the last", this is all of it combined rolled into one. Saving the best event of the year before putting a period to the end of the year. To call out the last hurrah, well second last technically because who is letting the New Year Eve go dry?



Maybe Christmas in itself is a gift from the Santa. We think that Santa is going to come and give us something but if you observe closely, he already has, he has gifted the best gift he could, he has given to us the gift of Christmas.


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