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This Generation Loves To Eat But Feel Shy & Lazy When It Comes To Cooking It!

Date: 2018-08-22 11:44:21

By Antriksha

When you are all alone and then suddenly all of your taste buds decide that you have craving for something delicious and fulfilling but you don't have any idea how to even start the gas stove. It's a complete bummer, right? Even worse than this situation is the one in which you can only boil some bland noodles for dinner and call it a culinary excellence while your innards shrink in disgust. You don't even realize but those noodles are nothing but torture that your taste buds and stomach go through while digesting.



While reading all this you might be thinking, "c'mon, what are all those swanky food apps for?" The brain cells required to operate that app can also be developed and evolved to cook something delicious, healthy and nourishing right out of your own hands. It's not that tough and you can count the burns, cuts and other mishaps as medals of bravery for going on a venture that made you feel independent, secure and quite happy.


Now, to all those people who think it's a work set apart for your mothers or wife, I would like to see how the 17th century you live in looks like. It's not an exclusively feminine sphere that would threaten your masculinity to impotence. It's a world which will tell you how to sustain yourself and also to not rely on a female for something as basic as food.


The reason that you can gorge on junk food that would only lead to clogged arteries, heart diseases and obesity but not make something healthy for yourself is a sign of concern. You cannot live completely on junk food and once when you feel done with it, the feeling of severe homesickness for home cooked food will hit you hard with the force of a speeding truck.


This usually happens because of various reasons the most important is the fact that we have been pampered to such an extent that we were never taught how to hold a spatula the way we learned to hold a pencil. Our busy lifestyle that just encourages blatant neglect of health and is more focused on earning is another factor that makes us lazy to cook our own self a decent meal. Why sweat away in a hot kitchen when you can call in your air conditioned room and order something? The fault in this is that the food usually is cooked in conditions that are unknown with ingredients that may or may not be fresh and the fact that they are cooked keeping taste in mind and not health.


This generation needs to take an interest in cooking and to hone this interest we need to present cooking as a simplified process that needs only for you to follow specific set of instructions. Cooking is a pleasing, relaxing and stress busting process and all of these factors need to be exulted as well. Also, cooking is as easy as all those social media videos creating delicious and healthy food shows it to be. No one is bad at cooking, the fact that you succumbed to one kitchen disaster and altogether categorized yourself as a "I Can't cook" person is the ultimate failure. If you love food and are complete food fanatic with taste refined and honed to meet a certain standard. It won't be much of a task for you to cook. It only takes for you to stop reading this article and enter the kitchen and explore the endless possibilities of so many taste and cuisines.


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