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Why Do People Laugh While Watching A Horror Movie, 'Dar Lagta Hai To Ghar Baitho Na'!

Date: 2018-10-22 12:47:33

By Antriksha

Horror is a genre which has a certain appeal to it, people have a lot of expectations when they book a ticket for a horror movie. They want the jump scares, mini heart attacks and the increase in heartbeat. Its an experience rich in adrenaline and fear. You are scared and excited simultaneously.


But what happens when you are sitting all serious and trying to harden yourself to an aspect of potential fear and you hear laughter at those gaps where the anticipation of jump scare is building. This ruins the whole scene and you don't get as scared as you originally would have.

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We generally laugh at horror scenes as a coping mechanism which helps us to endure going through those scenes which horrify us. We laugh so as to diminish the threat that a horror scene gives to our mental stability, our laughter usual signifies our fear more than our amusement. Whatever research might say about people laughing during horror scenes, it kinds of ruins the movie for another half.


While watching Nun, which in all words was a below average horror movie, lots of jump scares were ruined by constant funny comments and laughter issuing from the audience. People were busy making funny comments at a most inopportune time like those scenes where Nun was going to attack from behind while protagonist faced forward, weird comments like playing tag or hide & seek with nun ruined the horror and reduced it to half of it.


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There is a reason why horror flicks usually have keep silence warning at the start. This means that you don't have to whisper loudly and laugh at those momentous scenes when there is utter silence in the movie and the whole theatre is anticipating a jump scare. You not only disturb the movie but also ruin the horror aspect of the movie for the rest of the viewers.

It's annoying as hell when you are immerse in a good horror movie just to have it ruined by constant whispering and laughs. Horror is not a comedic genre and even if you find it funny or slightly amusing it would be better if you don't articulate it by laughing like hyenas and disturbing other meek audience that is enjoying the full horror experience.



It's not even the laughter that is more annoying than the diversion of those funny comments act as. Your brain loses the focus and you don't focus on the movie as much as you originally were doing. It is immensely distracting and there is a loss of interest in the storyline itself.

The comments make you hold your head in total despair, they mostly are childish to say the least stating the obvious like

"Meine bola tha peeche mat dekhna"
"Hero ko dekhne bahar pata nahi kyun jaana hai, idiot hai"
"Peeche mat mudhna"


Like the hero is not listening to your so not required commentary. So, let the movie proceed as it is and let him do idiotic things. More annoying is those over smart people with comments like

"Agar mein hota toh nahi jaata udhar"
"Agar mein hota toh andhar rehta"

Yes, that's the only reason why you are not there because you are the so very smart and intelligent human being who knows how to act in a horror situation.
To say the least, it is an ardent request to all such people to enjoy this genre in relative silence and if you can't help yourself why don't you just stuff popcorn in your mouth.


It works!!


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