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To All The Women's Who Balance Their Work And Family, We Are So Much Proud Of You!

Date: 2019-03-08 14:35:46

By Antriksha

Women are the strongest beings on this Earth not for their physical strength but for their emotional and mental resilience. This is for all those women who have been juggling their work along with their personal life. It is not at all an easy task; it is emotionally draining and physically tasking and does take a toll.


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Men get Sundays or Saturdays off but women don't. They just don't ever rest, they are always running around and managing every odd chore even during holidays. It is commendable on their part to be able to do so much, to not only take care of themselves but also of people around her.


Imagine waking up everyday at the crack of dawn to cook for other people and sort out other odd chore lying around before running for office. You work diligently over there and try to give your best and come back tired. Your body demands rest, your brain wants to shut down and recharge but you don't give yourself that much of privilege. The household chores call to you and then you spend the rest of your evening cleaning, cooking or stressing over what to make for dinner. It's an endless cycle of work that has no beginning or end.


The women who have kids are strongest in every aspect cause they are nurturing children along with their work. Kids are demanding, they need constant attention. They are difficult to manage and if work is also demanding, life turns into a nightmare. Many women stop working after they give birth, it is a conscious decision that is self-sacrificial.


Women are at every step sacrificing one thing or another for the good of their family. They are forced or manipulated to leave their jobs after they get married or they are not allowed to work. This is the harsh reality of the society we live in.

Work is work and every kind of work should be respected, be it household or office work but if you are doing both and giving time to both, it demands a certain amount of respect as well.


Let's not trivialize a women's work to be lacking or not as apt as a man's work. Instead, let us appreciate the never-ending giving nature of a woman who never tires out. She is that fire that has no lack of fuel when it comes to giving be it in work sphere or in her own personal domain. You won't see that much grace as you find in women when it comes to giving neither as much patience as she as while dealing with all that pile of work.

It's high time we realize their importance and help them out. We need not do much, we can just at least start by doing our own work. Take some pain and do your own work and never shy from helping or doing something "domestic" like washing your own dishes.


We need to live with each other in such a manner where we help each other out rather than burdening one person with all our dreams, aspirations, expectations and responsibilities.

Happy Women's Day!

With love,
From another women.

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