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Being A Women Does Not Mean She Was Born To Get Eve Teased By Such Creeps.

Date: 2019-06-19 18:12:45

By Antriksha

In India, It is common for women to be eve teased, made rude and obscene gestures at or passed comments that are derogatory in nature. Even the auto-wallahs and the sabzi walahs make those comments and you are unable to do anything but feel perplexed and disgusted by the whole situation. I have heard so many crude Autorickshaw drivers going around saying something crude like "Chal Nah, Bulbul" or simply "Baith Jaa Nah".


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Such encounters are scary and leave you deeply unsettled, you are not only scared but also want to give a fitting reply to such people so they don't repeat it again. However, you refrain from making a scene and drawing further attention to yourself.

The most horrible cases are those when random men approach you and proposition sex. It is so deeply unsettling that it leaves you shocked for days in the end and you lose sleep. You also tend to change your route multiple times so this does not happen again.


Every woman while travelling late at night has felt the nightmarish scenarios of getting kidnapped, raped and killed play before their eyes. They don't feel safe until and unless they are safe in the vicinity of their home. They fear the dark corners and shadows and they refrain from travelling late night altogether.

However, you do see videos of the women who beat up those men who tried to eve tease or harass them in any particular way. Even though this act is commendable, but it is not advisable in every situation. Your safety should always come first, you cannot have a reactionary action to every harassment because it can be dangerous. They might pull a knife on you, they might stalk you to no end or even go to some extreme measure. Your fitting reply should always come only if you are not risking your safety.


Harassment has now also branched out where random men might flash you their private part. It is so revolting and disgusting that you feel completely helpless and this particular incident leaves long-lasting damage. You are not only shaken but also clueless about what to do next?

We need to know that we have laws backing us where stalking is a crime and the said stalker can go to jail or pay fine. Even making crude gestures and sound, the voyeurism of women, unwelcome physical contact and advances are a punishable offense under IPC and can land a person in jail.


In the case of flight or fight always choose your decision wisely. It is better if you choose a flight when you know that you won't be able to take down your aggressor single-handedly. Only fight if you are confident that you can take him down, always keep your safety above your pride.


Instead of society curbing the freedom of women and restricting them for the fear of sexual harassment it is our duty to make them aware of their rights and also give them a certain sense of power to be able to fight such incidents. If we continue to be the silent observer, we will only be victimized more. We need to ensure that those creepy men fear us and the law before approaching us with sleazy intentions.

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