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10 Women Punjabi Singers Who Will Force You To Dance On Their Punjabi Beats Thumkas

Date: 2018-10-11 16:13:18

By Antriksha

Women Punjabi singers have the Punjabi music industry gripped with their thrilling voice that just forces you to abandon everything and move your feet to the beats. With their strong voice and upbeat music they can surely rock any party and here are some of them which are best in their field.

1. Neha Kakkar

With many hits under her belt, this young beauty has gripped the nation with her music which is addictive. She is known for songs like London Thumakda, car mein music baja, Maahi ve, etc. she has carved a whole niche for herself in this industry. A slight girl with huge dreams and amazing voice has made it big in this industry.

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2. Hard Kaur

Another Punjabi singer who is considered to be India's first female rapper with songs like Laung Da Lashkara, glassy, sherni, etc. She has sung for many Bollywood movies like Patiala house, ugly aur pagli, Singh is King, Ajab prem ki gazab kahani, etc.

3. Jasmine sandlas

Her song Yaar na Mile from the movie Kick shot her to the fame as the song went viral and was played over and over in every place. Her punjabi song illegal weapon also made highlights and has whopping 162 million views. She has gained a certain prominence in Punjabi music industry and she is definitely here to stay.

4. Sunanda Sharma

Sunanda Sharma is an actress along with Punjabi singer. Her debut song was billi ankh and she raised to fame with songs like Tere naal Nachna, patake, jaani tera naa and her latest Morni. Her music is best to dance on with upbeat music on which you can do both bhangra and normal Bollywood dance. She has an amazing voice which forces you to get up and move.

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5. Anmol Gagan Maan

With songs like suit, cola vs. milk, wlaa wali pagg, ghaint proposal, etc. songs gaining million of views she has carved a place for herself. Her song are filled with some kind of nice social message as well as her voice is strong and makes for an amazing song. She is one of the female singers whose song you can perform bhangra uninhibited and enjoy it.

6. Kaur B.

Unlike her contemporaries, this singer is quite different in her approach to her songs. She is softer and melodic but that doesn't mean you can't dance on her songs. Her songs sunakshi, budget, engaged jatti , paranda, teri wait, etc have gained million of views on youtube. Her voice is sure to enthral you and make you dance at the same time.

7. Miss Pooja

Gurinder Kaur Kainth uses Miss Pooja as her stage name and is known for songs like baari baari barsi, topper, etc. which has gained million of views. Her songs start with soft beats but transitions to powerful beats which are amazing to dance on. With traditional touch and Punjabi bhangra beats they make best dancing songs.


8. Nimrat Khaira

Her strong, prominent voice added to upbeat Punjabi music brings out her songs and makes them best music to move your feet on. Her song salute wajadey, Dubai waley Shaikh, Ishq Kacheri, Raanihaar, etc. are all amazing songs to dance on.

9. Jenny Johal

This Punjabi beauty has mesmerized everyone with her voice and songs that have amazing beats that will compel you to dance. Her song Chandigarh rehn waliye, deck swaraj dey, yaar jatti di, etc. are songs which are must to listen.

10. Rupinder Handa

This singer has made it big in Punjabi music industry with songs like jodiyan, bolliyan, etc. Her listeners like her for her amazing dance moves and upbeat music which makes you charged to say the least.


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